Friday, September 20, 2013


I was already home waiting for Lady to arrive and give her a proper licking welcome. Aunty Gail dropped me off on their way to the airport. Lady loved my greeting!
 Lady brought me a hedgehog stuffie from IKEA. She left the tags on the way I like! Man, they have a lot of tags! She also brought me cheese from Costco! Thanks Aunty Anna, for getting it for us!

The big suitcase is put away but the carry-on is out. Uh-oh. At least the carry-on means a shorter trip. Looks like I am getting timeshared again. 
Oh, well. I like my mini-vacations with meateaters, and my Lady always comes back to me. 

Monday, September 16, 2013


Here are some more photos from Flat Marley's trip to Taiwan!

 OUCH! Hot springs!
 Sunset at Fisherman's Wharf

I love my Aunty K! Come visit me, but leave those kitties at home.

Friday, September 13, 2013


So, maybe I don't get to go to all the places Flat Me gets to go to but I get the gifts.
Lady packed me off to Aunty Gail's and headed for the airport with Flat Marley. In the wee hours, off they go to Hong Kong. After a long flight, they arrive in Hong Kong and change planes. A few hours later they are in Taiwan! Lady had a meeting but came early to visit friends we know from our days in China! 
 Here's me at the gateway to the Chang Kai Shek Memorial
 The theater
 The flag of Taiwan.
 Chang Kai Shek said he didn't want any dragons on his memorial because he was a follower of Jesus Christ. He wife was a very strong believer.

 Lady's friend Becca was her roommate in China way back in 1997 when they taught at the same school. Now Becca has two kids! Lady share with the kids my picture book.
 Becca's daughter also plays the harp.
 Lady's friend, Pam, took her to fisherman's wharf.

 We went on a boat ride out to the sea!

 Lady's friend, Pam.

 The Taipei 101 building used to be the world's tallest building until the one in Dubai.
 View from the 89th floor observation deck!

 View from the ground.
 Fat me is with Aunty Gail, and Flat Me is with Lady. Well, she said she already bought my surprise at IKEA!!


Lady took Nancy home to our old city in the mountains. Only Flat Marley could go. I stayed with a timeshare family. Lady and Nancy traveled on the big train, but on the way home, Stacy and Lady came the slow way on the small-guage train.
 Flat Me is ready to go! The seats are like school bus seats -not comfortable. This is the scenic train ride on the world's highest small-guage train, or so they say. It takes 5 1/2 hours to get down the mountain until we catch the next nice train into the capital city of Delhi.
The seats on the express train are much nicer than the ones on the small train.

 You see all kinds of critters when you're stopped at a station.
 The small trian goes through 102 tunnels!!

 It made for a long day, but Stacy enjoyed the trip as she headed back down the mountain to go back to the USA. I liked Stacy cuz she fed me meat!