Sunday, March 21, 2021


HELLO, World, it's me, Teddy! Talk to my Secretary about why I've missed everything! I've been having issues with her about doing what I wAnt! Grandpa and I have been keeping her busy. She says we're challenging. 
Here's my Christmas portrait. Aren't I cute? Santa Paaws was good to me. My grandma's cousin came from Texas. I took her to my beach. 
I took her to the river see dophins and water birds.

We’re Back!

 Hello World, Teddy here. My secretary (Mommy) FINALLY figured out how to get back into my blog. So here’s an update:

* Grandpa went home to Jesus two years ago this month. I still sit in his chair.

* My best friend Scooter got killed by a car earlier this year. His dad still cries. 

* Mommy has been training me to be a medic alert service dog for her. I’m still in training cuz I have issues. I still don’t do well with beasts, but I am now very well behaved ( except for that) and am working on consistency in alerting. 

* Grandma and Mommy have stayed close to home during the pandemic, butt now both have their shots.

* We’re still by the beach in the same house in Florida. 

* Can you believe I am five years old now? 

I hope you haven’t forgotten me. Here’s some photos to help you remember me. See ya later, World! 

Checking for crabs on my beach.
My best Buddy Scooter
My girlfriend Caretta, me, and Scooter at my birthday pawty.
Super Hero Teddy
St. Patrick’s outfit for th St Patty Paws 2K Run/Walk.