Thursday, January 11, 2007


Strange things are happening here. Boxes keep going out the door. People are coming over all the time, and Lady's eyes keep leaking. I have to dry them up. Then, my things started getting piled up and packed. What is going on? Well, I marked the guest room and the office, just in case there was any doubt about whose place this is. Lady wasn't happy about it but didn't scold me. She bought me a new blankie. We went with our foreign friends ot have a foot massage. Of course, I get a body massage from Lady. They ate chocolate cupcakes, I ate sausage. We snuggled under my new blankie with big puppies on it.
Julia and Goldie came and took all my stuff and put it in Goldie's car, but Lady got in another car. So, I hopped in with her. She sure has been hugging me a lot and didn't even flinch when I licked her face. But, she took me out and put me in Goldies car with Julia. Her eyes kept leaking. Then, she closed my door and got in the other car and we went away. I've got my coats and sweaters, my medicine, my food, my toys, my Winnie the Pooh rugs, my Pooh towels, my shampoo and conditioner, my travel bag, the house I don't like., and my new blankie . I have everything I need but my Lady.