Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here! 
Wednesday night, I went to the downtown church to speak in Children's Church. I got to ride in the car thirty minutes each way. How did I do? Well, I earned a lot of Cherrios!  Lady was invited to speak about my brother I never knew, Marley. Then, she introduced me. I did some tricks that I trained Mommy to give me Cherrios for. 
I was very well behaved. The kids were pretty good, too. They got a cookie. 
Mommy forgot to give Aunt Sylvia her camera. So, no photos. 

Guess what? My cousins came from Atlanta!! We had a great time. Rocky, the puppy , and I got along great.

I got on well with Pepper. But I didn't understand that Casey was the alpha dog. I haven't had any dog visitors in my house. And he's been so sick. Mommy said I had to be extra sweet and let him have the way. He almost died, you know. He is eating by mouth now and can even climb stairs! He took more naps than Rocky and I did. 
 You can still see where he was shaved for the surgery, feeding tubes, and IVs. 

Pepper sits with Grandpa.
Here's the cousin bunch: Pepper, Rocky, Casey, and me!
Grandma had to go out of state to a funeral. I'm helping Mommy take care of grandpa. We're having fun. He's being pretty good. He gets ice cream or cookies when he is good. Dog! Can he eat a lot!
All for now, World!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here from the World's Most Famous Beach! 
It's hot. How do I stay cool? Wet grass! Inside in the AC! Eating ice! In the evenings the ocean breeze is nice.
 This is my friend Sammy. He stays cool but getting a haircut! He's a sheltie.
 We catch up on the news before tangling our leashes!
Here comes the sun!

Well, Mommy laced my ice cream with hydrogen peroxide and I threw up again and again. I got into things I shouldn't have...again! I ate a whole handy wipe and a pantyliner. I stole them and ran. Mommy was afraid I'd get stopped up. They aren't very biodegradable. I have passed dryer sheets though. It was a sucessful purge. Mommy felt bad for me but was afraid those items would absorb my liquids and get stuck. So don't eat pantyliners!
I stole baby back rib bones off of Grandpa's plate but I was only fast enough to get barbeque sauce all over the carpeting (that Mommy shampooed last week). I didn't get to keep the bones. It was an eventful day.
Time to help Grandpa nap.
Teddy signing off.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Hello World! 
I don't really care where we go as long as I get to go. 
I love to ride! CVS, Publix, doesn't matter but I do like to where I can actually get out and go inside. 
Let's go! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Hello World! UNCLE ROGER sent the following report on cousin Casey in Atlanta:

"Casey is doing well and is glad to be home. After a month he is finally starting to try and even sometimes do the things he used to do. After Casey was brought home he heard me pulling into the driveway and before Allison could catch him he trotted out the dog door, and down the steps, and fell in his chin. But he shook it off and crawled up on his little trampoline to watch me pull in. It was great to see. He barked a little when the other dogs started barking and he hasn't done that in weeks. He is eating everything, I mean everything, that we put out in front of him, and eating twice as often as before to catch up. I think this is the best sign he is over the hump. He sleeps a lot, but if we change rooms there he comes. He likes the cool floor and he like curling up at our feet or on the bed where he can keep an eye on us. He still has a tube in his esophagus which we do use to administer a couple of drugs because it's there, but is no longer needed for feeding because he is eating in his own.  We hope to have it removed when he sees the doctor on Wednesday. 
He is still on about eight drugs. Even that is fewer than what he has been taking in the past weeks,  but we think he is under the burden of the treatment as much as the disease. We hope that we will see fast improvement as we take him off a few more.   The blood results this morning say that he does not have Rocky mtn spotted fever.  We are left with the mystery of whether he ever did, or if he had something else and all the treatments worked anyway.  We may never know. 
Casey with Pepper and new brother,  Rocky.
A counterful of Casey's meds.
So, Casey is eating everything in sight, he is moving around to his favorite spots, he is interested and barking, he hasn't had seizures in a week, no fevers, no diarrhea, no throwing up. He is very tired, but very happy to be home with his family and brothers and he is getting a little better every day!

Thanks so much for all the well wishes and for keeping him in your prayers. You helped bring our Casey home and we will be forever grateful."

Here's another sunrise from our morning walk.
It's been a busy day getting ready for Mommy's guests. I helped grandma with the laundry. I sorted. I helped Mommy vacuum. I told the vacuum where to go. I helped unmask the bed, and I helped pick up used dryer sheets. After an exhausting time of housework I helped Grandpa take a nap.
Okay, World, Teddy signing off from the beach!

Saturday, July 09, 2016


Hello, World! Teddy here from the World's Most Famous Beach!

Praise the Lord and thanks for all your Power of the Paw good thoughts sent his way. He got to go home Friday after spending weeks in and out of the hospital including surgery (ouch). He is eating by mouth again. Continue to lift him up as he continues his road to recovery.

In other news from the beach...

I start my day chasing ghost crabs on the beach at sunrise.

I hunt for lizards. I caught a baby one and ate it. It is so little, it didn't go down too well. I hacked it up.

Thursday Nights, we go to the free concerts on the river. Believe it or not, I behaved!

I'm sitting nicely with Grandma. Grandpa behaved, too! Butt he didn't get a Cheerio, I did. 

Today we'll go to the flea market. I'll walk Grandpa and try to keep him from buying too many fleas! 
Okay, World. This is Teddy, off for my week-end adventures at the beach! Have a great week-end!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Hello World! I'm proud to be in America where they don't eat dogs. Happy Independence Day from the world's most famous beach!

Cars as far as you can see in each direction. And this was in the morning! Mommy went swimming in the ocean. We all had a picnic in the carport because it was too hot and crowded on the beach. And I can't go on the beach. 

Casey update: July 3: Three seizures last night. Increasing the potassium bromide to get it up to levels faster. 
July 4: "Casey is hanginganging in. He's holding his food down. No seizures, no diarrhea, no vomiting. They are switching him back to oral meds to prep him for coming home. Hopefully getting better."
Thank you for praying for Casey. 
All for now World! 

Saturday, July 02, 2016


Thank you for POTP for COUSIN Casey. Uncle Roger gave us this update:
"Casey made it thorough surgery with good results. They installed a feeding tube, sampled bone marrow, attempted to clean sinuses and sampled the obstruction. The bone marrow results were very good as were his lymph node samples so far. Good evidence of blood production and no indications of cancer or lymphoma in the marrow. There was some pus in the sinuses they are testing. 
Hopefully this means he is just slow to recover from the Rocky, pneumonia, and phenobarbital.  Allison still thinks he may be having problems related to the zonisamide antiseizure med. 
The main takeaway is that he does not seem to have cancer, so if we can get  him well we hope he will be around for a long time"

Thank you so much for your prayers for Casey. 

In other news, I went to Home Depot with Mommy and Grandpa. I met a beautiful bitch butt she snapped at me. She was the nose in the air snooty type. Her mom apologized and said it was out of character. So, it was me? That hurts. 
All for now World. Teddy signing off. 

Friday, July 01, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here, sharing more of life at the beach.
I like digging in the sand and chasing ghost crabs. I'm not much of a builder. Butt check out these sand castles from the recent competition:

This one's Grandpa. He watched from the bench. I wasn't allowed on the beach either. 

In other news, my cousin Casey in Atlanta has been in the vet hospital mostly since the Friday before Father's Day. He has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tic bite. Butt he has other stuff going on. He has a seizure condition. Something has really messed up his liver. My Uncle Roger is very sad. They couldn't come for Father's Day because Casey was not expected to live. Butt he is still hanging in. So please pray for Casey and send up Power of the Paw. He needs it. 

Grandpa and I try to stay out of trouble. He suceeds more often than I do. Just after Mommy shampooed the carpet(again) in Grandma and grandpa's room, I soiled it again. I've been earning Cheerios for pooping or peeling on the puppy pads, butt I didn't get one this time. 

I think I might have upset Mommy tonight. I pulled off four pillows to get to her stuffed Marley that she sleeps with every night. I deaded it. 

Stuffed Marley needed lots of surgery. I got my first "shame on you." I don't think that's good. 
The good news is, I'm not up for adoption again. I'm forgiven, butt no Cheerio. 
Mommy tells me all the time  "You are safe. You are loved. You are home." 
All for now. Teddy saying good night from the beach.