Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I was right. Lady had a trip. Tyler and Erin stayed here with me trying to get their new flat ready. Lady went to a women's training, then down to our old city for more meetings, and then to Thailand to meet with her new supervisor!! She brought me back some jerky! I ate it. We are both glad to be home. Tyler took me to the home for the past week, after their place was ready. Then he went and got me for Lady. I was so happy to see Tyler, and then thrilled to see my Lady. We are both happy to be home and be in our own bed. PTL!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The two tasty and aromatic babies stayed overnight Friday night. What fun! They dropped food, and puked milk, and filled diapers, and entertained me! Aunt Erin and Uncle Tyler are staying with us until their new flat is ready. Uncle plays the banjo for me, and I take him for walks in the 'hood, showing him around. 
 Supervised morning playtime.
  I let Lady know when their diapers needed to be changed by sniffing you-know-where.
 Uncle Tyler and Wyatt had some buddy time, too.
I got Wyatt to take a nap when I did. I just curled up by the mattress and he got the idea. I let him have my spot on the mattress. I stayed there until he woke up.
The little mess makers came today. Sanvi is eating fudge they made. I didn't get any. 
Lady has our suitcases out again. I am not sure what that means. We went to the "home yesterday but didn't stay. I think I'm going soon, though. Lady put stuff in my bag. Hmmmmm. Sticking REAL close to Lady today. Her bag is packed and ready to go. Well, Uncle and Aunty seem to be staying here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Oh, happy day! Oh, happy dayayay!
Thank you to the young ladies SS class at Northside in KY! I especially want to thank whoever sent me the Beggin Bacon Strips!! Thank you, Aunty Tata, Josiah, Micah, and Nathanael. We liked your cards.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


Well, since the flea incident, I am not allowed to tussle with the street dogs. I play nicely with the two-legged little buddies coming to visit. Wyatt has really gotten big, and Tate is so cute. He's starting to move a round a lot.
 Giving Wyatt some doggie lovin'.
 Wyatt's mama teaching him how to pet me nicely. Tate admiring the camera. He wants to eat everything!

 He threw his Ernie ball at me and had to 'pologize. That thing is HARD, loaded with batteries! I didn't bite, and I forgave him. He's just a little dude. He likes me, but he doesn't appreciate my kisses. Tate does, and he tastes really good -just like milk! His butt smells good, too. I like babies.

Friday, August 03, 2012

In Trouble Again

Lady's NOT happy with me these days. I brought fleas home from reading pee-mail in the tall weeds, or perhaps I got some from tussling with the street dog. So, lots of combing and than a flea bath. I don't mind baths so much. I get a good scratching, but I have to stand there so long with the special shampoo on me. What's fun is watching Lady try to get me to shake. I know exactly what she wants me to do. I shake on command, then she lets me out and dries me off. But I get such a kick out of watching her shake that I just stand there and watch for awhile. Just before she loses it, I'll shake all the water off. 
The other issue Lady is having with me is my gas problem. She's calling me fart blossom again. Apparently I interrupted her sleep a few times last night. Nan was over yesterday and she and Lady were planning for the little mess makers on Saturday. Nan asked, "What is that smell?" Dumb me looked up at her and gave myself away.
It's raining every day now, which makes walking a muddy affair. I have to get cleaned up before I can step foot back in the house. I am so low to the ground I get really dirty. You should see my rain coat after my walk! It's pretty cool these days with a high of only 70 F. It's nice -I have my blankie. 
Lady and I are having fun reading through the BLOGSVILLE OLYMPICS. We read a hilarious story today on Bert's blog about his friend Murphy. CLICK HERE to read it. It's about something he ate.
Nan and me teaching the little mess makers. Pallu went back to her mountains, but Wyatt and Tate come over to play with me. They were here yesterday. I behave.