Sunday, August 23, 2015


She's leaving on a jet plane
I know that she'll be back again.
Oh, Lady, please don't go....
(But when you do please bring me some beef jerky from America). 
None of my regular time-share families were available for this trip. Yesterday, Lady was in a panic and went to check out a doggie hotel -fancy but very expensive. God has always provided families for me, but He sure let us get down to the wire this time! Aunt Grace called Lady this morning (while she was in church, PTL she turned the ringer off), and then texted that she and Uncle Bill would LOVE to have me. Uncle Bill has dengue fever and is bored out of his mind. I am happy to help out. I am doing great. I am running, my vision is good -I have adjusted so well, and I am weaning off steroids so I have less indiscretions. 
Grandpa's birthday is Sept 3. He'll be 87 (really). Lady will be back Sept 12. 
Had a fun weekend with Brooke and Erin sleeping over. They love me and give me lots of attention. 
Since my secretary will be away, we may not post for a few weeks. 
Thanks for thinking of me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Life with a visual impairment requires some adjustments. You saw the stroller for when we are actually trying to get somewhere. I sleep on a high bed. I can no longer see the edge clearly, so a pillow bumper is in order. I like it- nice and cozy! Under me is a rubber mat and a towel, just in case.

My friends left this morning. Last night they chose pupperoni pizza for dinner! Lady ordered me chicken strips. Oh happy day! Vicky shared with me! I didn't share my chicken strips. Lady made them chocolate nut cookies. They didn't share, either.
The steroids continue to wreak havoc on my bladder and bowels. I wreak havoc on the bedroom floor, despite having an open door to the bathroom and the balcony, and it reeks! Lady took me out to take care of business early this morning and I led her back to our gate when I was ready to come in. I walked in the door (an improvement in itself -I didn't bump into the door), went to the bedroom and pooped. Praise the Lord for dry dog chow and easy pick up. Tomorrow is my last day on roids. Praise the Lord. We just hope my eyesight continues to be as good as it is now. I can't see at night, or right in front of me, but otherwise I do really well.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Today is a National Holiday as India celebrates its independence from British rule. Our helper has the day off, shops are closed, schools are closed, and celebrations abound. We celebrated with multi-grain apple walnut pancakes! Um, Lady had to do a lot more laundry again. It's the steriods, it's not my fault. She drug us out of bed at 7:00 hoping to be early enough butt...I slept right through nature's call. 
I returned to the vet yesterday evening. He was so pleased to hear I am doing so much better. He said to continue the steroids at reduced dosage (once a day) for seven more days. Said my peepee issues will get worse while on the steroids. BUTT, the inflamation is going down and I seem to be able to see movement or light -anyway, I navigate better and I'm not running into things. I still can't see anything under my nose, but I can find doorways, my dishes, and I found my BoBo. I haven't shown any interest in any of my toys in so long that Lady almost cried when I brought out BoBo and played with Vicky. I heard her sniff. I even rolled over for Lady when she said,"Treat?" We are greatly encouraged. 
We still don't have a timeshare family for Lady's trip to America. 

Uh oh. Busted. Lady smelled the evidence of another transgression...under her bed...a virtual flood. She's yelling something about no grilled cheese for me. I forgot to go to the door.  She's under the bed trying to clean it up and disinfect. And judging by the way things went last night, I may be sleeping on the floor tonight. She's had to wash my blankie three days in a row. Said something about needing puppy pads. Oh no, I hope she doesn't put me in pull-ups again!


You know what that means! We have guests! Not just any guests, but my precious Nancy and Vicky who brought me down to my new Delhi home back in Oct 2012 after keeping me for a couple of weeks, who took care of me at Summer Camp last year then brought me back, who showed up at our door on Christmas Day this year, who traveled with us for two weeks in the high mountains (only Nancy), who eat momos, chicken fried rice, and eggs, and who SHARE! They brought Lady dark chocolate. We expected them on the morning of the 16th, but they called yesterday and said they had arrived! I couldn't open the door for them and Lady was at the mall seeing MI: Rogue Nation. She rushed home, bringing Aunty Gail with her. I love Aunty Gail! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Well, Lady is happy to put it mildly. I actually ran in a straight line down the street this morning! I walked the whole block! I even led Lady into the park. She bubbled over when I hiked my leg. I haven't been this active since I've been home. Lady is a fan of Flexadin. I ran out while at summer camp and could barely walk when I returned. I've been on steroids just two days and Lady sees improvement in my distance vision in the daylight -I ran straight! My condition includes an inflamation, hence the steroids to try to help it. I've been walking in circles. I have one more day of steroids to see if there is improvement. I ate a whole carrot. I drink a lot so I pee a lot. Lady didn't fuss when I peed on the threshold by the door (twice), and was giddy when I pooped on the balcony. She'd love me to be a balcony-trained dog, especially during monsoon. But I prefer to go outdoors, so if she is here, I wait. 
We just wanted you to know that your prayers for me are being heard - please continue as we walk this new road of blindness. 

Monday, August 10, 2015


So, Lady strolled me back to the vet today, to find out the results of my blood test, and see the specialist. I have retinal atrophy and optic neuritis. I am not a candidate for surgery. This is it for me -I can't see. Lady has always done the typing for me, because my nails get stuck in the keyboard, but I am the author and editor. Who knows what she'll write if I don't proof it. The vet put me on steroids for three days to see if there is any improvement. He said I'll probably have an increase in appetite. Lady made me a grilled cheese sandwich today to try to cheer me up. I love grilled cheese! And she lets me have all the carrots I want. I mostly want them with hummus. 
Lady is going to see my grandma and grandpa in two more weeks, so she is staying in town to help me adjust to my new way of life. It would be easier if I could hear better, and if I weren't so obstinate determined when we go out to take care of business. It's my walk, I lead- even if it means I walk in circles and bump into things. That's why she puts me in the stroller if we have to actually get somewhere. 
We'd love advise from any other furrends who have gone through this. I'm fine butt Lady needs help. 

Saturday, August 08, 2015


This is how I roll now. 

I'm home. My house, my balcony, my dishes, my street, my Lady. 
Lady met me in Shimla at Uncle MP's house. Pallu had school so she didn't ride the five hours through the mountains to Uncle's house. This is where I went to summer camp last summer and got too fat! This is where Nancy and Vicky (boy) live. They are coming to see me next week or so. 
I was happy to be in Lady arms but I can't see her. My vision is gone. I bump into things. I was limping badly on my right front leg, but Uncle Bill doesn't know why. My hips are acting up again, so I walk like a drunk. I can still hear loud noises. Lady's face was wet when I licked her. Must be the rain. We got home Thursday night and Friday she plopped me in the stroller and off we went -after the monsoons stalled a bit. I like the stroller. I can't see, but I feel the wind on my face, and I can't keep up with Lady the way I walk these days. I do NOT like to have my leash tugged on, making walking very difficult.  Even if we take a rickshaw, it is a hike to the road. She says I'm a bit heavy to carry so far, so in the stroller I go. 
The vet gave me a feel better shot, and some meds. I had run out of my Flexadin, so Lady thinks that is why I am having joint issues. The dr. took some of my blood to test my glucose levels and my thyroid. I go back Monday to see the doggie ophthalmologist to see if I am a candidate for eye surgery. Lady's been watching You Tube videos on causes of dachshund blindness, and cataract surgery. 
Judging by the way he licked and pawed and stomped and chewed on me, I'd say Duke was very happy to see me. He is huge! He steps on Lady, too and bites her fingers so she will pet him. She said his whole backside was wagging. Lady will post photos another day. 
I can find my way to my dishes, my day bed, our bedroom, and the door. That's progress. I kept getting stuck in corners and bumping into everything. I am happy to get carrots again. My teeth are not clean after not having carrots for seven weeks. Uncle didn't have any to give me. And he ran out of my hummus. I am happy to have hummus and carrots! 
Lady says home is where I am. 
Well, we're home.