Monday, April 07, 2008


My neighbors are celebrating the Hindu New Year by the lunar claendar. Today was a holiday for most, but not Lady's school. Each state has its own New Year but they are all around the same time. They may have different special foods and traditions, but the basics are the same -a time for family to gather, share special foods and traditions, wear new clothes, practice poojah and give offerings at the temple. They will eat something bitter and something sweet. Mango leaves are tied above the doors. Rangooli's (fancy chalk designs) are on the sidewalks in front of the homes. The best part? No fireworks! I hate fireworks. Lady's Hindu friend and language tutor, Dani, brought Lady and Auntie Al some sweets. Lady gave some to me as she didn't like it, but Auntie Al did. Auntie Al won't give me anything because I got into her trash again and made a mess
We're still have some unseasonable cool weather and rain, but it may be history now. I get my walk finished real fast in the heat. I like to go out at night or early in the morning. Lady and I were out before 6:30 this morning, because it gets hot so fast. I try my best to get her up early!
My butt is healing nicely. That b____ down the road is still taunting me, and breaking my heart. Lady drags me the other way.
Well, Auntie Al and Lady watched American Idol at Auntie K.'s old place, but I wasn't invited. Somebody has to hold down the fort, I guess.