Thursday, February 19, 2015


Puppy Duke appeared again last evening after going missing for 48 hours. Lady was taking me to Brooke & Erin's house for a sleepover at about 6:00 pm, and there he was! We have no idea where he's been. He was so happy to see me that it got to be annoying! He climbs on my back and bites my ears. His tail wags in circles. He was happy to see Lady, too. His mama stayed very close while we visited. 
Our landlord got engaged! His mama has been working on the arrangement for awhile. That's the way it is done here. He sent over a humungous basket of fruit, and a box of chocolates. Lady is headed for Thailand for two back to back meetings, so I am hanging out with one of my timeshare families. I took the fruit for them, but Lady took the chocolates! The family will be stringing the lights on their house soon!
Thanks for all your prayers and POTP for Puppy Duke! It worked!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's after midnight. Lady took me out for a quickie. Duke's mom is all out of sorts. She's been barking. A kind neighbor was trying to soothe her. He said she's looking for her baby. The night guard said he hasn't been seen since 8:00 pm. We last saw him at about 6:00 pm. Please pray that Duke was taken by someone who wanted to give him a good home. He was such a friendly little dude, and seemed to be so smart. He already knew how to sit on command. Lady is quite upset. We're praying that the little dude will show up tomorrow...alive, or we will hear that someone has taken him in. 
Please see the previous post for more photos taken just this morning. 
I've got to go comfort Lady. 

Monday, February 16, 2015


Our weather has been so nice, Lady and I spend time in the park. Of course, here come the street dogs to get treats from Lady, and say hello to me. Duke loves me. He likes to tussle.

 Duke's mom loves Lady and always comes for treats. His dad could care less. He just wants Lady to scratch him. Lady keeps him away from me. Remember the face-biting incident?
Mother and son.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


The Big Day is here! I've been getting ready all day for the Heart 2 Heart Dance! Can't wait to see my lovely Lily Belle!
 Lady helped me make some special biscuits - egg free.

 Then I put them in a pretty box for my Lily Belle

 I'm bringing this shawl in case my date gets a little chilly in the auto rickshaw ride.
 Here's your carrot bouquet, Lily!
 I must make sure they are okay for you, Lily. Lady said it wasn't necessary.
Well, I am ready for the Heart 2 Heart Valentine's Day Dance! Click on the link ot see the coverage!
Happy Valentine's Day to my Lily, and to all my Blogsville furrends. 

Friday, February 13, 2015


A special shout out today, to my cousin, Casey in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We've never met in the fur, but we Skype. I've never been to the US. Casey is a rescue pup, given a forever home by my Uncle Roger and Aunt Allison. He's a Cavi-cocker-kinese. He's got that pekinese under bite and first-position front paws, but the rest of him looks like a spaniel. They are a bi-racial family cuz his brother is black. He is Havanese. 
Happy Birthday, Casey
 In other news, it is the day before the big Heart2Heart Valentine's Day Dance! I'm enjoying our warmer temps and returning sunbeams! Gotta rest up so I have enough energy to dance with my date, Lily. My fur has grown back, but it came in brown with a grey undercoat! No more bald spots! Well, at least it came back. Lady says I am milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate now.

I was out of carrots, so when we heard the veggie man hollering, I told Lady to buy me some. 
So, we stand on the balcony, tell him what we want and he brings it up the stairs. 64 cents, and I have my one kg of carrots! Okay, most of the time, Lady goes down and chooses what she wants. But they know what she likes and what she won't buy (green tomatoes, huge carrots, soft capsicum), so sometimes she just shouts out what she wants. Then they show her 87 other veggies, and each time she says na hi, till finally they run out of choices and accept her answer. 
Lily, would you like a bouquet of fresh carrots? They are yummy! 
Well, I've got to go work out the whole transportation thingy. We're looking for an affordable jet, but may have to settle for an auto rickshaw. 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sad Puppy News

Lady has been facilitating a conference for the past four days here in our city. So I stayed home, and she came back and forth to serve take care of me. Sometimes she brought some of the girls from the conference with her. That was fun. We've been feeding the two remaining street puppies puppy chow. Yesterday morning, Lady came early and fed them, the two cute little boys. One of the brindle pups got deaded by a car a few weeks ago. Well, A friend brought Lady home in a car because she had so much stuff, just a couple of hours after feeding the puppies. Sadly, the remaining brindle puppy also got deaded by a car. Only little Duke remains. It was the saddest thing -Duke lay his head on his brother's body as the mom licked her poor deaded baby. It was hours before the guards removed the body from the side of the road. 
Good news: Lady found me a bow tie for the Big Dance! I had a bath to get all cleaned up to pose for my photos, as the dead lion is tomorrow! I am so excited to escort my dear Lily Belle to the Heart 2 Heart Dance! I tried on a bunch of hats but they didn't fit.
After Lady came home, we just vegged in front of the TV eating carrots and potato cheese soup. We didn't even unpack the eleventy bags and boxes of stuff from the conference. Alas, Lady has another trip tomorrow, but I will be staying with this cutie, a new timeshare family! She'll return Monday night, so that's not too bad.