Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lady's in the US!

I heard from Lady. She's with her mom and dad in the US. She misses me terribly. I'll miss her when I see her. I am getting lots of attention here. Lady is having a good time with her family and friends. I will give her a big greeting when she comes home to me. Thanks for remembering me!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back in the Children's Home

Yep. She put me in the Home on Monday, but guess what? She came back and picked me up today, Wednesday! I was so happy to see her so soon! She's leaving again tomorrow morning, so I have to return to the Home, but I have tonight. Lady said she just couldn't stay here even one night without her baby -that's me. We had a nice pizza dinner. She left all my stuff at the home, but I don't need anything. She's got the big suitcase out, so I know it is going to be a long trip. Aunty Prabha is taking care of me until Jerry gets back next week. Then I can come back to my house and stay with Jerry until Lady comes home. Jerry doesn't let me sleep with her, but she fixes a bed for me right beside hers.
Well, I better help Lady get ready for tomorrow's trip! I wonder what she'll bring me????

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Sweater

Rae, from Apple Country, finished my sweater. She took my old one home in Dec. for measurement, so I've been waiting for a long time. I like it. Lady says I look like a bee.
Lady's got her big suitcase out and she's packed it. I know what that means. I remember the first time she got out the big suitcase. I dragged my blankie and crawled inside. Lady cried. She left me for six months. She says she won't be gone that long, but that's what she said in January when she went to Thailand for three to four weeks and came back two months later. It has something to do with a visa. I don't need a visa when I travel but I do need special papers. And to make matters worse, Jerry is packing her bag, too. Lady didn't get my sky kennel down so I guess I am not going. Uh oh. Guess I am headed for the Children's Home again. At least this time my back is not hurting.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted lately. Lady has guests here and has been too busy to help me with the computer. I am not allowed to use the computer without supervision. My nails get stuck in the keys, and I can't use the mouse.
One nice thing about guests is that I usually get meat! Aunty L. sent me some chicken last night. Okay, she sent it to Jerry and she shared! I love Jerry. She's a carnivore like me. But, she did buy me the wrong dog chow. I eat meat and rice flavor and she bought puppy chicken. I tossed it back up. Lady mixed it in with my regular but I still don't like it. Chicken helps.
I see the suitcase out again. That means Lady is going on a trip. I don't see mine out, which means I am not. This morning the neighborhood ladies are coming. Most of them like me. I am a good host. These ladies learn from Lady and then cook. Sometimes I get a taste, and sometimes not.
Our high today is only 69. The cool damp weather has bothered me some in the mornings. The forecast is for rain all week. Oh boy.