Sunday, April 03, 2011

I've Got Wheels!

Lady went to the post office just as soon as the package slip arrived. She barely made it back for Big Girls Bible CLub meeting. After the meeting, I opened my box. The girls helped Lady figure out how to put my wheelchair together. They were really good at following the diagram. They had to make several adjustments, but it wasn't hard. My hind legs go through these loops. My back feet don't touch the ground, which is good, but I am not so sure about these wheels. I am used to wearing a harness, so that is not big deal. But I am not used to having my butt in the air and loops touching my privates. Maybe Lady doesn't Have this thing adjusted right. How's a guy supposed to take care of business? I couldn't even figure out how to pee. I whined at the sand pile and Lady took me out and let me go. Yes, it is still difficult, but at least I know how to do it.
So that was a bit traumatic, but nothing like when India won the World Cup for Cricket tonight! The cherry bombs sound like they are out on our balcony! Fireworks, car horns, shouting, and more cherry bombs! I've been shaking for the past hour, and will not leave Lady's side. Maybe they will go to bed soon. Us little dogs need our sleep.
I think Lady's a little disappointed that I didn't just love the new wheels. Maybe tomorrow I will try again. Beats dragging my feet. She said I was brave and that I tried, so I got treats. The most fun was opening the box.

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  1. Marley we are so happy for you!!
    Molly in San Francisco (and her mommy)