Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hand over the meat treats and nobody will get hurt!

Update on my vet visit. Lady researched hypothyroidism in dogs and found out that below normal results do not necessarily mean I have hypothyroidism. To know for sure requires another kind of BLOOD test. And if I go on the meds, I have to be monitored by BLOOD tests. So, Lady is not so keen on putting me through that. We're looking for alternatives. She's not going to start me on a new medication and then leave, so we'll see how I am in five weeks. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So, I told you about my no good horrible very bad day when I had to have a blood test for hypothyroidism, right? Read that post. Well, the vet never called Lady back. So, she took me back to check. After talking with a vet and two assistants, the lady vet said that on the day I had my blood drawn something very bad happened and there was a lot of confusion. A vet assistant was in a resting room and had a severe asthma attack and died. They had found him that morning. The police came, and such. But by the time we were there, it was over. Anyway, that is the reason they gave for my test not being done. So Lady Vet says, "we'll have to do it again." Lady says, NO! and proceeds to tell Lady Vet what I went through the last time. Lady was quite upset. I thought she was going to bite her! I gave Lady a lick. She calmed down. Lady Vet assured us she would try to get it in the first time. Lady scowled.
Down I went on that cold table again. Lady didn't muzzle me. It was indignant enough already. Lady Vet got the needle in but said the blood was too thick and wasn't coming down. Crap. Another stick. Another vet. Legs tied down. Two more assistants, more apologies. I didn't cry but Lady did. She told Second Vet that this was so uncalled for. Lady Vet told Second Vet that my blood had been drawn on THAT DAY. "Oh, velly solly m'am. It was confusion that day, m'am. "They neglected to clean up the pee mail left by a very large golden retriever and Lady not only stepped in it, but the leash fell in it. The assistant picked it up and handed it to Lady dripping in pee. Lady glared at him and he took it to get washed. It came back wet. Another leg, another stick and we were finally finished. Doxies veins are very narrow m'am. Mah-ley's blood is t'ick, m'am.
So, the first vet who lost my sample called to give the results. He started right off telling Lady that if I started right away on the pills, my hair would grow back in 30 days and I would have more energy. Woa. Hold the phone. Give the results.  Oh. Solly, m'am. My FT 4 is 0.6. First Vet said normal is above 0.7. My FT3 is 1.5. Normal range is 1.4-4.4. But Vet said the FT4 result is more important. 
So, furrends, Lady would not commit to drugs yet. We want your opinion. He wants to put me on Eltroxin 100 mcg. twice a day forever. I'm 13 1/2. Lady leaves Thursday night Oct 30, so please be quick with your opinion. One more question. They were out of my HD tablets so they sold us Flexadin (Vetoquinol) 90 tablets for $30.00. Is it cheaper or more expensive in the US? Are these tablets a waste? My hotmail account doesn't work but you can write me at 
Lady needs chocolate and I need meat. We settled for some carrots and hummus.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Well, furrends, we know what that means. Lady has a trip. She has two weeks of meetings in Virginia. After that, she will fly to Florida to see my human grandparents. They will drive to Atlanta to see Uncle Roger for Thanksgiving. I have two cousin dogs and two cousin cats. I've only Skyped with my dog cousins. 
I am going back to stay with the little human, Ezra. He is  cute little dude who loves me. His human peeps love me, too, and invited me back to stay with them for all of November. Lady has packed my Halloweenie costume (big whoop) since she leaves on Halloweenie at 3:30 a.m.! So I will go the night before. When she comes back, we'll have to decorate for Christmas! I wonder what she'll bring me? I am not showing any interest in my toys. And I don't want any new clothes. Well, it does get cold in Delhi. I just want meat. Bring me some beef jerky, Lady! Maybe I will forgive you for yet another trip.

Friday, October 24, 2014


This is Diwali. The vet was handing out sedatives for the dogs. Lady thought it would do more harm than good, so none for me. You can't imagine the sheer volume of the bombs and firecrackers. Well, with 18 million people celebrating at the same time it gets noisy. This is my least favorite day of the entire year. The bombs and crackers have been going off for two nights now, but this is the big night. Sounds like a war. It will go on all night. Our landlord and his family came over last night to bring Lady gifts. She got a lovely box of chocolates (not for me), a box of Indian sweets, and a Buddha head incense burner. Our upstairs neighbor brought us a huge box of biscuits (cookies). Lady and I give out biscuits and sweets at Christmas. All the workers (iron wallas, street sweepers, guards, house helpers, garbage collectors) all expect a bonus at Diwali, but now they know Lady gives at Christmas, and no one came with their hand out. Another tradition along with the giving of gifts, the loud noises, stringing lights, lighting candles (I think they'll set the neighborhood on fire there are so many candles lit everywhere on our lane), the visiting friends and family gatherings, is to paint rangolis outside your door. In the past, well-meaning friends have painted Hindu symbols in front of our door. We're not Hindu. So Lady buys the colored sand and "paints" our own rangoli. I tried to help but Lady says I messed it up.

Lady brought home take out fried rice and spring rolls. We were watching (or trying to) TV. I helped myself to the rice and spring rolls. Lady didn't scold me. I am so scared she feels sorry for me. So, with my big warm blanky, I am headed for bed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 This is our building. Thursday is Diwali, or FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. I call it "THREE DAYS OF SHAKING AND BEING SCARED." Lady wanted to take more photos in the 'hood, but I wouldn't let her take me off our lane. But, you get the idea. Lady's photos didn't turn out so well.

This is the entryway to my house. The ground floor humans lit up the trees in our hallway! I take care of business in record time during Diwali. It's too loud and scary, but the lights are pretty. To our Indian friends, Happy Diwali!

Monday, October 20, 2014


So I am at 27.4 and need to lose more. Lady bought me this at the vet's suggestion. Oh the shame!
 Pallu took me out for some exercise.
Okay, I'm done. I'll just rest a bit and catch some rays.
Waiting for the blood test results from the vet. Supposed to come today but on Indian time, maybe by Friday.


Furrends, I apologize for not writing for so long. Here's an update. Lady's been in five cities since I last wrote. We're home now until the end of the month. I'm still pudgy. We've been trying really hard, too. Lady has restricted my table food and treats and put me on (oh the shame) Obesity Chow. Last week after her trip, she noticed my hair was thinning, and I still have spots. My energy level and enthusiasm are limited. And my hearing is bad. So, to the vet's we go. I had a medicated bath. It cost more than Lady's pedicure, foot massage and head oil massage put together -$20! 
So, yesterday, I had to go back to the vet for another bath and a blood test. The vet suspects I have hypothyroidism. The symptoms fit. So, the bath part is not so bad, but the blow-drying drives me nuts and scares me. Then the nail clipping. I tried to pull off the muzzle and tried to nip the vet assistant. Another assistant and Lady had to hold me. She kept apologizing. So, that's not enough, we had to go into "the room" and lie on my side on the cold hard table. Lady fussed at the vet because he couldn't find the vein and kept sticking me. On my third leg he had success. I think Lady scared him. He slowed down and took his time before he stuck me again. Lady kept apologizing. We should get the results back on Monday.
Lady felt so bad for me that she broke my diet and gave me cheese.
I'm home in my own bed with my Lady. I have forgotten my no good very bad day.