Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down

I was sitting by the gate watching the world go by (and watching for that cat). Lady noticed that I was shivering. After all, I'm just a little dog and I get cold easily. So, Lady dug out my raincoat andput it on me. I was much more comfortable. Last night, I didn't have my coat on when i ran all the way up the stairs to the roof. Lady couldn't figure out how I got so wet. She followed me up the stairs and discovered the reason! I stopped off on the first floor (as the Europeans say) to see if the little humans would give me any meat. They didn't, so I returned to Aunt K.'s home and resigned myself to eat my dry dog food. Lady didn't want me eating any table food because I ate too much meat and gravy, and it upset my system. Today, I am right as rain! I don't really like the rain, but with my coat on, I can stay mostly dry. I am not good with umbrellas. Lady has to hold it for me. Lady says this is out last night at Aunt K's. I can't wait to see my new flat. Will there be as many street dogs as there are here? Will our landlord like me? Can I stay outside and look out the gate? I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow.


On Sunday, Lady went with Aunt K., Aunt A.,

Uncle S., and the three little humans to church at a nearby seminary. Lady loved it! I didn't go. She wasn't sure if little dogs could come. Now, I am allowed in house church, but usually not big church. I do know how to sit still and be quiet though. Anyway, Lady said these two students from the notheast sang a beautiful song. The pastor talked with Lady about teaching English at the school. She's not sure yet, but would really like to help. Lady wants to sponsor a student. She said that some of the students don't have the money to pay for the tuition. Some of the students came all the way from Myanmar to study. Lady even heard about a Burmese-Chinese girl who is just learning English. The Pastor's daughter wants Lady to meet her. I want to meet her, too, because I understand Chinese! She has only been in India two weeks. Lady says this seminary isn't too far from our new home. Maybe she'll walk me over there to meet the students! There are 33 students this year.

Out The Gate

I love looking out the gate at Aunt K.'s house. There's so much for a little dog to see! For example, I can see the local ladies gather to fill their water jugs. The water is available three days a week. Lady says it reminds her of some other ladies who went to the well to fill their water jugs. Across the way, I see Sweetie watching her mom do the wash. She makes the same motions with her hands, as her mom beats the laundry on the stones. Sometimes she waves to me and tries to say my name. Soon, four little orphans are walking to school with their care giver. They stopped and said hello to me. And I love to watch that cat! I hope I have a good watching place at our new place.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Bed

This is our new bed. We still need a mattress, of course. Lady is glad to have a big bed. We have a single bed at Aunt K.'s house and Lady says I crowd her. She doesn't take up too much room, but I like to share her space! Usually, I sleep at the foot of the bed, but this morning she woke up to find my head on her pillow. I will be glad to finally get into my own place, but I am really having fun visiting people. I climb the stairs to Aunt A. and Uncle S's home and watch their fish tank. I can't seem to catch any! I love playing with their three little human girls. They like me, and often accompany us on walks. They gave me roast beast last night! They are American just like Lady. I haven't met any Chinese yet. I am still getting used ot the Indians. I bark at Indian men. After all, I am just a little dog.

Our New Flat

This the front of our new flat. Pastor S is helping spray for bugs before we move in. The walls are a lovely Pepto Bismol Pink! The kitchen and second bedroom are blue. Once the dead bugs are cleaned up, Lady can start moving us in. We live on the ground floor of a three story home.

Staying with Aunt K

Well, our flat isn't ready yet and we needed to be out of the guest flat, so we are staying with another teacher from the new school. Aunt A. gave me roast beef and gravy! Of course, Lady mixed it in with my Pedigree dog food to help my constitution. When possible, I pick out the meat and leave the dog food. But with gravy I just eat it all. Aunt A. and Aunt K's house has a huge carport with a gate. They let me stay outside and watch the cat across the street. Some stray dogs and an occasional cow or water buffalo wander by, but I chase them off with my big-dog bark. I'm not allowed ot play with strays. Walks here have been challenging as the strays come running. Last night a pack of ten big dogs came running toward us. It was scary. Lady scooped me up in her arms. Most people carry a big stick when they walk. Lady doesn't want to do that but, after all, I am just a little dog. Maybe dog cookies will work!

Bulah Home

Here's another photo Lady took at the children's home. Recently, they all received new shoes.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, Lady and some friends went to Bulah Home to visit the kids. Lady's friends go every month. Lady taught them a song, others told stories. Lady said maybe next month I can go visit as well.

Life in the Guest House

Well, my rug is here, my blankie (part of it at least) is here, my bowls are on the floor, so this must be home for now. Lady has piles and bags of stuff for our new home stacked against the walls. Two other human couples are staying in the same apartment here. They like me, of course. Mr B will be the new principal at Lady's school. Mrs Z will teach music and be the school secretary. They moved out today into their new flat near the school. The other couple from Ft. Worth, Texas are leaving tonight. We hope our flat will be ready soon.
Life so far is pretty much like in China. I sleep with Lady, take her out on daily walks, and introduce her to people. I clean up anything she drops on the floor in the kitchen, and let her know when someone is at the door. I sleep when she goes away. Many humans have come by to visit me. The little humans especially like me. They give me treats so I show off for them. They speak English. The Indians also speak English, but they are a little harder for me to understand, so I just dance, sit, down, and roll on my back until they give me the treat. I'm not sure what they said.
Every morning and evening, I take Lady out for a walk within the hospital compound, where we are living now. There are a lot of stray dogs around, but they pretty much leave me alone. Lady is glad because I am not allowed to play with uninnoculated dogs. And they have fleas. Lady spent a lot of money buying me Advantage flea treatment, and put it on me. A flea got on me but jumped onto Mr. B! He wasn't happy. Something bit my hiney and I chewed the hair off trying to scratch it. Lady doctored it so now it is better, but I have a bald spot. Every morning we meet lots of lovely young Indian girls going to nursing school. Their colorful clothing flows in the breeze. They smile and giggle when I go by. This neighborhood has guards, just like my old neighborhood. They say hello to me, too.
I sure don't get much meat here. There are more vegetarians, like Lady! Can you believe it? I guess I better make more American or Muslim friends if I am going to get my meat! After all, I am just a little dog, and I love meat!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Trip to India

I did NOT like the sky carrier. Lady let me stay outside the box for as long as possible, and she put my favorite Pooh rug, part of my soft blankie, and a chew stick inside, but I still hated it. Linda, Goldie, and Claude took us to the airport and stayed with us until we checked in. Finally, Lady apologized and stuffed me in the box. I cried. All of a sudden I was moving on a conveyor belt. Someone picked me up and put me in a cart and off we went. This was my first plane ride. It was noisy, and the whole plane shook. After a few hours, we got to Bangkok and they took me into a building. I thought Lady would come get me, but she wasn't allowed. I waited and waited. I didn't know we weren't home yet. It took Lady over an hour to process my paperwork through customs in Bangkok, and she tried to see me, but they said it wasn't possible.
After awhile, another human came and got me and took me to another plane. Over three hours later, the noisy plane landed again. That was the scary part. I waited. They came and got me and took me into the terminal. FInally, I saw Lady! I wanted out of this box, but a man said Lady had to claim her other bags first. Three little girl humans, new friends of Lady's, came and kept me company until Lady had her bags. At last she let meout! I was quite vocal about being out and seeing my Lady. I cleaned her face good and jumped all around. When she got my collar and leash on, I just wanted to go outside and go home. I didn't look right or left, just headed for the door. Curious humans parted the way, and even took photos of me. I just kept my heading and went out the door, pulling Lady and all her luggage behind me.
My goodness! India has as many humans, cars, motorcycles, and buses as China does! A little dog has to be careful. Lady thought maybe I needed to water atree, so she took me to llok for a place while the others waited with our baggae for the driver. I saw a car door open and I tried to jump in. Lady said, "that's not our car." So, we walked on. Another car door opend, and I tried once again to jump in. Again Lady said, "that's not our car." All I wanted to do was get in a car and go home. Lady gave up and walked me back to the waiting spot. Soon our car came. The driver opened the door and I jumped in. I made myself comfortable and waited for them to load the car and get in.
After about 45 minutes, we arrived at the guest house where we will be staying until our "flat" is ready. I checked things out, found Lady's bed, and jumped in. I made it safely to my new home in India!