Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I know

I know I'm a good boy. I know I'm smart. I know Lady loves me. I know Lady thanks God for me. How do I know all these things? Because Lady tells me every day.
I know if I look pathetically at my dry food, Lady will add some milk or gravy or dal.
I know if I nudge her hand, Lady will keep scratching me.
I know if I put on the brakes while I'm walking Lady, she'll back up and let me lead again.
I know if I keep sniffing, I'll find the right spot.
I know "meat" in four languages.
I know how to open any package all by myself.
I know if I bang on a door, it will eventually get opened for me.
I know how to make Lady feel better when she's sad or mad or having a pity-party. I lick her face.

1 comment:

  1. Bruce6:31 AM

    Doxies are born with these traits, thats why we love them so.Doxies can look at your eyes & see the bottom of your soul. Love them & they will love you back 10 times over. I will have Doxies till the day I die, I can't live without them.