Sunday, December 29, 2013


(to the tune of Auld Lang Syne)
Should old offenses be forgot and never brought to mind
Should old offenses be forgot just to be so very kind
Forget the messes on the floor
And forbidden eaten food
Forget the scratches on the door
And my smells that are so crude.

And surely you'll buy your bone, my friend
And surely I'll buy mine
And take a bowl of kibbles yet
Just to be so very kind.

Forget the messes in the bed
Forget the deaded toys
Forget the naughty things I said
And forget all of the noise.

And there's a paw my trusty friend
And give me your paw, too
We'll drink a bowl of milk or soup
To our Blogville fur-rends, true!

To all our true Blogville fur-rends
And to our humans, too
We'll drink a bowl of milk or soup
To our Blogville fur-rends, true!
Happy New Year 2014, all my Blogville furrends and their humans!


My guests are gone, no more unopened gifts under my tree, and no more meat in the house. We haven't taken down Christmas because that is just too sad. Lady's had some cross-cultural frustrations that make her sad as well. It's hard to be away from family, and hard when your friends are gone. We liked having a full house. Sometimes it is difficult for humans living in another culture. I'm Asian -it's all I know. I know that when someone says they will come at 3:00 pm that may mean 4:00, 6:00, or not at all, with no phone call. I know that humans always have their hand out, no matter how much you give, and it's never enough. There's been a steady stream of street cleaners, garbage collectors, and guards coming by wanting a Christmas bonus. Our helper didn't show up yesterday (and didn't call) right after she got lots of gifts, cookies, and a big bonus. I know that here, it's okay for men to peepee outside, but they fuss (at the humans on the other end of the leash) at little dogs for doing what comes natural.
Well, at least there are still cookies left, and Lady has some dark chocolate hidden away for times such as these. Think I'll give her a good lick. Nope, don't want to take down the reminders of Christmas, of the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


We've had such a fun Christmas!
 Lady made reindeer cookies.
 Rachel knew us in China many years ago! She was happy I remembered her. She spent the day with us in Delhi before returning to the US after one month in India.
 Pallu making her birthday cupcakes. She turned four on Dec 23. Her family came down from the high mountains on Dec 22 to stay for a week. You have seen many pictures of her on my blog since she was nine months old. She lives in apple country. Lady and I went to visit many times. I love it there. It is under snow now.
 Baking sugar cookies.
 Pallu's birthday breakfast of cinnamon rolls.
 FOr her birthday, Lady took Pallu to the big mall to see all the holiday decorations. Yes, they decorate for Christmas here, and have the day off, but don't believe in Jesus.

 Pallu and her birthday cake.
 Pallu got a wooden teaset for her birthday. So, she gave me "tea and biscuits."
We invited our helper, Mani, and her daughter and two granddaughters over for Christmas. Annishka is 15 months. She liked her baby doll. Tanishka is 7 and we gave her a Barbie. She was happy. Mani got new shoes.

 Christmas at my house! We had two more families join us, so we had seven little humans and seven adults here. It was so much fun! Of course I was worn out when they left. I am waiting for folks to drop good stuff. The little ones gave me carrots and dip, and treats. Well, everyone was told NOT to give me bones. A little human accidentally dropped a piece of chicken with bone on the floor and I had it in my mouth lickity split. Lady dove over and tried to dig it out but she was too late. So she tried to get me to move away from the kids' table. When she touched my throat I started crying really loudly. Lady again went digging in my mouth to try to dislodge the bone. She made me gag to try to get it up. I cried and cried. Lady tried again and finally I gagged and either got it up or down. Lady was so scared that I might have gotten a splintered bone so she watched me very carefully. She wouldn't let me have anything else, and put me in her lap. I had already been sat upon by a two-year-old, tailed pulled by the four year-old, but I was good and didn't snap. I did snap at the boy who almost stepped on me. I have been around little humans for many years and I am very tolerant. But Lady said I had had enough and scooped me up. I am fine now, by the way.
 Aunty Gail visits with Rekha and Pallu.

Craft time!

 Opening presents time! Thank you Aunty Tonya, Uncle Kris, Josiah, Micah, Nathanael, and Anna Faith for my favorite treats -Beggin Bacon Strips!

My stocking I've had for nine years!
 Some of the food Lady served. I had carrots, ranch dip, cheese, and tandoori chicken! They also had green beans, mixed green salad, cheese biscuits, sweet potato casserole and veggie patter.
 Our happy birthday Jesus carrot cake.
 Santa Paws brought treats!
 The little humans were tired and fell asleep on MY new blankie!! Yep. That's what was in that big box. It's just like the one I pulled off of Aunty Gail's bed and drug into the living room when I stayed with them.
 Four of the seven children we had in our house on MY new blankie! I love it. After they left, I curled up on it with my new squirrel squeaky.
Aunty Gail had already left by the time we took the photo. We were blessed to have such wonderful people spend the day with us. Each little human lit one of the advent candles and finally the Messiah candle. And we all sang happy birthday to Jesus! Joy to the World! The Lord is come!!!! 
I hope my Blogville friends had a wonderful holiday as well. 

Friday, December 20, 2013


To the tune of UP ON THE HOUSETOP
Out on the balcony puppy paws
In jumps good old Santa Paws!
In through the glass doors with lots of toys
All for a little dog Christmas joys!
HoHoHo! Who wouldn't go?
HoHoHo! Who wouldn't go oh
Out on the balcony the sound of claws
In through the glass door comes Santa Paws!

Here is the stocking of Marley, boy
Oh, dear Santa, give me a toy!
Give me a toy that is fuzzy and squeaks
And fill the stocking with lots of treats!

HoHoHo! Who wouldn't go?
HoHoHo! Who wouldn't go oh
Out on the balcony the sound of claws
In through the glass door comes Santa Paws!


Lady got me this new sweater but it is too big. She just couldn't resist. It was only $7. She needs to take it in a bit for me. 
I just can't wait to open my packages! I wonder what is in this big one with my name on it? I've been told not to poke around under the tree, but who can help it? I keep checking my stocking and it is still flat.
 Lady says I am really getting the gray.
 Lady got a box of chocolate from Uncle Jack and Aunty Yvonne so she is super happy. She's been looking forward to this package so she could bake special Christmas cookies (but not for me). I get plain peanut butter cookies!
 Just the other day Lady got chocolates from her bestie in Kentucky, Tonya. Yeah, she already got into it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Lady's godchildren came over for an early Christmas tonight. First came craft time.
 After dinner came prezzies!! They brought me TWO!

 Wyatt and Ezzie loved their hats!
 I love my bones!

 Kira loves me!
 It's been a very busy night. I'm a tired pup. And full. They fed me carrots and cheese biscuits.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Here's my Christmas 2013 photo.


Well, I can always count on Tate to drop good stuff for me. The little humans came through Delhi on their way to the States for Christmas. Lady says we're staying home until after Christmas! I had a good visit with Aunty Gail. She reluctantly told on me though. You know I have just a couple of bad habits. I will get into any trash that smells of meat, feminine products, or diapers (especially full ones). It's in my book of care. Sometimes humans forget to close the door. Aunty Gail had a houseful of company with lots of good trash. I redecorated the living room for them while they were gone -twice. You think they'll have me back?
Lady forgot to close her bathroom door this week. I redecorated the bedroom floor. She wasn't amused.

 I'm waiting to see if Wyatt needs any help opening his present. I am an expert, you know.

 Since the little humans got to open a present early, I did, too.

 It's a big fat squeaky hedgehog!!! I deaded the last one! I loved it to death!
 Tate got a stuffed Dusty plane from the movie, PLANES.
Wyatt got Skipper! 
They left for America, but we will have other little humans coming through. My stocking is hung for Santa Paws. I'm ready!