Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Lady went off to have Christmas Dinner with some American friends and I stayed behind to finish getting ready for our party. Lady made me wear a sweater, a Christmas collar AND the hat. I didn't keep the hat on long. Indians don't come on time, but they came. Some new friends came as well. They are doxie lovers, so I got lots of attention. 

 I have been waiting for weeks to yank my stocking down!
 A new Bobo!
 Christmas tree treat!

 Pizza for dinner!
 Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! I love it!
I'm worn out from all my playing and entertaining.
I hope it has been a blessed Christmas for you! It sure was for Lady and me!

Monday, December 24, 2012


What a night! Tomorrow we celebrate Jesus's Birthday, and tonight Santa Paws comes!! I've been on vacation at Marisa's house. Lady flew to another city to visit some short humans. She picked me up in a taxi yesterday morning. She thought it was too cold to take an auto rickshaw. I had fun at Marisa's and she said I was a good boy. I'm going back on Wednesday night cuz Lady has another trip to go visit some more short humans. And then we will have lots of guests visiting us!
Today, we're preparing for our party tomorrow afternoon. We've invited a few neighbors so they can get to know us. Lady made gingerbread, sugar cookies and fudge. She's making us some mini pizzas, and dip, too. We wrapped lots of presents. Lady is giving the neighbors a special movie to explain the real story of Christmas - Jesus's story. And she wrapped lots of prizes for the games. I haven't smelled any gifts for me yet, but I keep checking my stocking - still flat. 
I Skyped with Aunt Karen in Thailand this morning. She liked my Santa sweater. 
 MERRY CHRISTMAS, Blogville furrends!

Saturday, December 08, 2012


Lady packed the fan with carpet cushion covers. The next morning, the rat had chewed a big hole in the carpet but didn't get in. The workers came and took off the protective cage (HA!) and put up wire mesh, like screen. The put clay on the hole previously (unsuccessfully) plugged. The next morning, more rat poop, clay bits all in the sink, second hole unplugged. 
And it continues. The holes are plugged but there is a pesky booger in the house -at least one. Lady keeps hearing the scritchy scratch sounds, and when it knocks things over. Difficult to sleep. She wakes me up. Molly and Ernie, buy your tickets and come dead this rat (or rats)!
I had a bad back day. It's cold. I was naughty and jumped up and down from the sofa while Lady was in meetings. I cried. I still have spots on my skin but the hair is growing back. Lady took me to the White Coats. I had a "feel better" shot and got to ride in the auto rickshaw again. It's cold in Delhi, especially at night! I am feeling much better now. The White Coat put me on vitamins, and continued my meds for my skin.
We're counting the days down until Jesus's Birthday with my Advent calendar.  My stocking is hung but still flat. Some of the big stores are starting to have decorations up.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


We are still having rat troubles. Those pesky boogers chewed through the plastic frame of the fan and got into my dog chow, my medicine (chewed into the bottle), a bag of chocolate chips, pooped on our cup towels as well as in our plastic containers. So, yesterday they replaced the exhaust fan with a new one with a metal frame, but no cage protecting it! Lady knew the rats could get through the wires. She covered it in foil and duck tape. Just before she had to leave she heard it and saw a nose poke through the foil. She added duck tape and had to go to her meeting.then went to a meeting. The rat got into my chow. The landlord's son said he would come but didn't show. At 10:30 pm he texted and said he would come today. Of course, we've been waiting and waiting and he hasn't shown when up.  This morning, the foil was chewed through and poop all over in the cabinets. Lady is NOT HAPPY. She wants glass and no fan. No holes. I don't see them. I don't look. I can't be bothered, but I will give Lady sympathy licks.

Monday, December 03, 2012


Sure had a fun weekend with my boys in the house!
 Tyler and a pooped Tate.
Tate playing with his dad on my bed.
We had pancakes for breakfast! It's been fun having my friends here from my old city. My happy meter wagged off the charts.
We took some photos today. Here's my Christmas portrait: