Saturday, October 31, 2015


Look who came to my house for Halloweenie! Introducing Tate and Wyatt's new sister, Sarah Grace, age 2. She likes me (of course).
 That's Wyatt alias Spiderman, and Tate. India doesn't celebrate Halloween, so Lady, Uncle L and Aunt L each went into a bedroom. The little humans knocked on the door and said, "Trick or Treat." They got a juice bow in one room, chocolate chip cookies in another, and Kinder egg from Lady's room.
 Princess Sarah Grace!
 I got a bag, too and I got bone treats!
Yum! I had to wear my doo rag because Lady can't find my biker hat.  I can't see a thing but I know who is here, and I could find my bones. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

FFHT: The Night of the Dancing Pumpkins

Today I am participating in Murphy and Stanley's FFHT. 
Lady doesn't do jack-o-lanterns, but we do pumpkins. At least we did until that one fateful night -the night the pumpkins came alive!
Lady scoured the market to find the largest orangest pumpkins they had. It was a difficult task. I tried to help but there were too many good things to smell at the Chinese outdoor market, especially from the forbidden meat aisle. Lady is vegetarian. I am not. I wear a safety harness so I cannot go on the forbidden aisle easily. I can try. When she's unsuspecting and I pull really hard! Butt not today. Lady chose a few pumpkins of various sizes, shapes, and colors and sat them down by her feet while she continued on her quest. I checked them out with my pumpkin radar. I carefully marked the one I wanted. Lady scowled at me. What? Just wanted her to know which one I liked. I turned my attention to other smells. Next think ya know I am flat out on the ground under the large pumpkins! Guess they didn't like being marked. My head was spinning, my vision blurry, and my balance out of kilter. Pumpkins were everywhere and they were dancing all around me and laughing at me! Bwahahahahaha! They had these grotesque faces and funny smells. I tried to get up butt I couldn't. It was pawful! They kept dancing around me, laughing and howling and smelling and getting louder and louder and louder. HAHAHAHAHA! They laughed their maniacal laugh and danced their dastardly dance, and smelled their stinkiest smell, and I was helpless, helpless, helpless...
"Marley.   Marley.   Marley!    Marley!    MARLEY!!! WAKE UP! We're done here."
And that's why I will never turn my back on another pumpkin!.  


Well, praise the Lord I am home. I had a long taxi ride this morning because the kennel's car broke down. Lady waited for more than an hour! I covered her in kisses when I heard her voice and she took me from the kennel guy. I can't see at all because I have not been taking steroids. We're going to talk to the vet tomorrow about whether to do more 'roids on a limited basis. 
I weigh 10.5. They didn't give Lady any kind of a report, just that I was eating well. I pooped good this morning. I had to find my way around my house again. I bumped into everything. I am glad to be home. I think we're staying here for awhile. Lady's not sure about her next trip. I know we're going to Uncle Bill, Aunt Rekha, and Pallu's home for Pallu's 6th birthday and for Christmas. It's a long trip. We'll go by taxi to Shimla and then Uncle will pick us up there and drive us to his place in apple country where I stayed for the summer. 
Good to be napping on my own bed. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Lady here:
I emailed twice and didn't hear back from the kennel, so I called. From Malaysia. The owner apologized and said Marley is "absolutely fine." He said he was concerned at first because of his age but he is doing "Absolutely fine -no issues." Well, there will be issues if they don't keep me posted on how my baby is doing! 

Monday, October 19, 2015


Well, Lady felt I would get the best care in the doggie hotel this time. I have special aging doggie needs.  I think my friends are afraid I will croak on them, but I won't. Dogs don't croak -they bark. They came to pick me up in a car and didn't put me in a crate. I got to ride on the bench seat. It's about an hour away. I get to run loose and not stay in a run. I have my own sleeping room. They are used to aging dogs. They will give me my meds. They will forgive me if I poop inside, or leave a puddle. But, pray for Lady because she did not want to send me away. She's off to Malaysia for a meeting and a conference. 
Last trip I stayed with the Critters but Charlotte (Indian Spitz) lives with them. Well, we used to be friends. Lily dear you have nothing to worry about. She was not even nice to me. Besides, she's white and I am partial to black girls -one in particular! 
The Doggie Hotel folks will drive me home on Oct 30. I'll let you know how it went.