Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Brings Pain

So, my back is paining me, as they phrase it here. I shouldn't have jumped up on the sofa last night. I know i am supposed to ask for help. Well, I didn't even try to get down by myself. This morning I took Lady for a walk, and I pooped out. I put on my brakes and waited until she asked me if I wanted her to pick me up. My happy meter goes back and forth swiftly for an affirmative answer. But it hurts me when she picks me up and puts me back down. I know she isn't trying to hurt me, but it hurts nonetheless. She carried me for awhile, then put me back down to finish taking care of business. Ouch. I cried. So, she gave me my vitamins with my breakfast and half of an anti-inflamatory pill called Carprofen. My vet told her she could give it to me if I had pain in between visits. This is the first time she felt I really needed it. Lady went to school and I rested. When she returned, she found me on the sofa, so she figured the pill must have helped. I am supposed to go back to see the vet today, so she is taking me this morning, which is kind of her -not to make me hurt all day long. The vet office doesn't reopen until after 5:30 pm. We went to the bank to get more money. It's the coolest thing: when Lady needs money, she just sticks a card into a slot and TaDaaaa! Money comes out! The guard didn't want me inside but I am Lady's guard, and I am NOT leaving her while she gets money.
It's really hot -over 100, so we walk early and early evening. Then, it is quite nice! I just can't walk for as long when my back is paining me so.

Friday, March 26, 2010


So, I am doing better. I still cry when Lady puts me down, but nothing like earlier in the week. I had two more injections and I didn't cry. In the waiting area there was a ginormous Saint Bernard. His human told him to lie down but he wanted to check me out. I growled at him and tried to snap at him. Lady reminded me I am a dachshund, not a doberman pinscher! She took me in the inner waiting room even though it wasn't our turn to go in there. A black cat was waiting, but her human put her in a basket. That was kind. Now I will skip two days before I go back. I still need hot compresses on my back. Lady made my dinner last night -half of a chicken frank (I like that name better), green beans, a little rice, soy, and potatoes. It was yummy.
When I came out, two pugs, a cocker spaniel that was very sick, a shepherd, and a beagle were waiting.
I must say, I don't like the muzzle one little bit. Lady is very impressed that i let them take my temperature you-know-where. I hate that, and she got our own thermometer to take it under my arm. But this vet stuck it in and I didn't even cry or bite him. He is very good with shots as well.
I am still waiting for opinions on diet issues. Oh yeah, the vet said I need to get down to 8 or 8.5 kilos to take pressure off my spine. I'm at 9.3 now. Hard to do when i am no longer running up and down stairs.
It's not in India, but we have fans, and will run the AC after they are serivced and it gets even hotter. Yup, it will get up 120 degrees. And I am black.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm fine until the pain meds wear off. The vet had me skip yesterday, so by this morning I was hurting. I didn't even try to get off the bed by myself, or try to go down the stairs. I waited for Lady to pick me up, but when she did, it hurt so I cried. I cried when she put me down. I didn't want to walk a big block this morning. I just wanted to walk a short block...slowly. I kept putting on the brakes to slow Lady down. I am so hungry now that I am eating more. More food means more "business" to take care of. Lady says I'm a regular poop factory! I don't say anything except, "where's the meat?" Lady gave me a chicken dog (still don't like that name) for supper when our guests came. I was very well behaved, of course.
After Lady got back from school, we took an auto rickshaw to the vet. I was good because i hurt too much to care. They still muzzle me so I won't bite when they stick me. Two more injections, but man do I feel better afterwards. And, Lady gives me treats for being a good boy. I go back day after tomorrow. The vet says they have to wean me off the painkillers as my back is healing. Lady puts warm compresses on my back. No dancing for me! Lady is trying to find a vet chiropractor in India, but so far no luck. There are listings from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association for the US, Europe, Canada and Australia, but so far none for Asia. Chiropractors are rare for humans in India but not in China, although it is a little different. It would be better for me in the long run than having to take pain meds. Lady will keep me on the vitamins I am taking: Vitamin B and B complex, Vitamin E & C, and Calcium with Vitamin D. She is still not convinced about switching me to Royal Canin Dog food. The first ingredient is corn. But the vet recommends it. She has found lots of information on analyzing dog food, and lots of recipes. But it is hard to find good beef here. We don't live in a Muslim neighborhood anymore.
If anybody has any diet suggestions for me, we would really appreciate hearing from you. Just click on the envelope and you can email me. We could use some encouragement as well! The high today was 99 degrees. That's hot for a little black dog. It will only get hotter in the days to come. If I hadn't been hurting so bad, Lady would have waited until after dark to take me to the vet. It's cooler.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to the Vet

Well, I was feeling much better after the injections, but this evening, I cried again when Lady lifted me into the auto rickshaw. I like riding in the autos, as we call them for short. Our driver was nice, and offered to wait for us. There was a big golden retriever, a min pin, TWO fat wienie dogs the same color as me, a beagle, and a pair of pugs. Wow. Popular place! They were eyeing my special harness Mo and Hu gave me. Even the vet was impressed. He said I must have gotten it outside of India. He said a harness was much better for my back than a collar. He gave me two more injections. I got muzzled again. The second shot hurt and maybe a cried a little. He also gave Lady three prescriptions to get filled. I have another appointment on Wednesday. He said to continue the hot compresses. He gave me a sample of the dog food he wants me to try. Lady mixed a little in with my regular chow. The first ingredient is corn, which is not good. It should be beef.
We're having company tomorrow night. I helped lady peel potatoes. Okay, so I just supervised.
We didn't have any trouble with street dogs tonight! Hope it stays that way.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

VIsit to the Vet

I cried when Lady picked me up or put me down, and I had trouble on the stairs. I was in pain. I tried to tell Lady where it was put she wasn't sure if the pain was internal or in my hips. After church, my new human friends Rachel, Peyton, and their Mom took me to see the White Coats in their 'hood. Their Big Dad drove us. Guess what? The vet wasn't even wearing a white coat! But, like those before him, he stuck me...TWICE! I tried to snap at him so he muzzled me. Actually, I felt much better when he finished. I haven't cried since. He told Lady what I have is extremely common in my breed because of our long bodies. He said all my jumping up, dancing, jumping on furniture, and climbing stairs has taken its toll on my discs. He suggested a different dog food, Royal Canin (that's the way they spell it here) that costs $28 for a 4 kg. (8.8 pounds) bag. The make one just for dachshunds (Dachshund 28) that she is trying to find for me. She might also start giving me MEAT as she has before, but more regularly. She says if will help my back and make me more comfortable, it is worth it. Max and Millie both eat Royal Canin. Also, she had to put warm compresses on my lower back and I have to go back to the vet tomorrow. I hope i don't get stuck again...but if it takes the pain away, it will be worth a moment of discomfort. I didn't even cry when they stuck me! They stuck me in the neck and not my butt. My neck wasn't what was hurting! Lady is thankful I am not crying every time she picks me up to help me on the furniture. The vet said she has to carry me up and down the stairs. I weigh 20 pounds! I'm not sure what they will do to me tomorrow, but the new vet wants to see my other records to make sure I have had all my inoculations. He said I was missing some. Lady said they are on my other record card. Lady gave me my favorite treat, "Beggin Bacon Strips," for being a good boy and I didn't have to "no bark," or "wait," or anything. She said I'd had a rough day. I'll say! That black dog growled at me again and scared me, then the whole trip to the vet thing. I sure do appreciate my friends, Mom, Big Dad, Rachel, and Peyton, for finding a vet for me and taking me there!
Lady wonders how many are reading my blog. Hard to tell because you don't make comments, or you could e-mail me. If you have any advice for my back, or about my food, I'd like to hear it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Photos From My Saturday Morning Walk

Here are some more photos from this morning. This is a special kind of tree, so local Hindus make it like an altar. I tried to make a contribution but I got yanked away again!

This is the view of our alley from the other side.
This is the view we see from our first floor balcony.
This is what I like.
This is the garbage truck. The old man speaks to lady and smiles. The children laugh when they see me. They like me.

Saturday Morning Walk

So, being Saturday, I didn't make Lady get up so early. Lady and I have different tastes when it comes to what we like on our walks. Lady enjoys flowers, looking at the large homes, and the gardens. I enjoy greenery, too. Here are some photos from our walk this morning.
This is what I like. Taking care of plant life and giving it a good watering.
I like tires. I sniff them to see who has been there, and then I establish that I have been there, that is, if I am quick and Lady doesn't yank my leash.
This is what Lady likes.
These are the guys who bark at me, but this AM they were snoozing.
This is our building. I will post more photos.

Egg Tree

I've had a big day. I am exhausted! I got Lady up at 6:15 for our walk. This morning, we took treats, both veg and nonveg (that means it has meat products in it) treats. It worked, I think. They still barked but ate the treats and didn't follow me. The black street dog really scared me. I admit I cried out. If you had been bitten four times, you'd be a bit nervous, too! But I did make a new friend. She is a street dog and very friendly. Lady doesn't like me to get so close because street dogs aren't inoculated, and they might have fleas! She doesn't want fleas in the house. I sleep with her at the foot of the bed. I did not want to go back in tonight. I wanted to stay out with my new friend.
I helped Lady clean house for our guests tonight. When humans come over, they remove their shoes, so you want the floor to be clean. I am supposed to stay put when she mops, but I didn't. She had to redo some places. Tonight was American Idol night, so Lady invited our friends from Wednesday night over. The short ones helped Lady decorate her egg tree. She does it every year for Resurrection Day. The paper eggs explain the meanings of the Christian symbols. The eggs and bunnies are from Germany and China. We use whatever we can find for our tree. We went to the flower stand where we bought flowers for our friends Wed. night. We bought the stand and sticks. The tall humans ordered the pizzas. I am so full! I am also uncomfortable. Before they came, I cried when Lady picked me up. I've been trying to tell her I am tender, but she can't figure out what's hurt. I first told her in our old city when I first saw her. She says if I don't feel better she will take me back to the white coats! I am tender in my lower abdomen. I cry if she picks me up and touches me there -but not all the time. Maybe it's gas. If it is, Lady will know tonight! Mine is hard to ignore.
Guess what? The daddy of the short humans said I could go to there house for a sleepover! Yippeee! I think he likes me! I'll pack my Easter basket, just in case the bunny comes there.
Who do I like on American Idol? None of them. I like instrumental music.
Here's my Egg Tree.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My new friends: Mom, Peyton, and Rachael! We're all wearing green for St. Patrick's Day!

I had guests last night! Two short humans and their mom. They loved me! Of course I had to show them my dance, and a few other tricks. Humans like that. I can get them to give me treats by just sitting, dancing, lying down, or speaking! I don't mind, as long as I get some meat out of it. The boy human brought me a chicken dog! Why do they call it that? Rude! How would you like it if I fed you chicken people? Anyway, they also brought me veggie milk bones. Lady liked that. They made such cute faces when they gave me treats. I just love it. So entertaining. I might get to go to their house for a sleepover if the Big Human dad gives the okay. These are my first friends here. I am so happy to be making friends.
I am doing really well on not barking. Lady wants me to be a good neighbor. Last night, I didn't even growl. I tried not to bark while she was at school. I took a nap. I am really tired. We had a nice long walk this morning. I think the street dogs are getting used to me. I learned my lesson about messing with the big boys. I just ignore them. I hate needles, and when I am bitten, it's to the white coats and more needles! Nope, I just keep on walkin' and let them bark.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Photos of My New Home

Here are some more photos of my new home in a VERY large city in the north. My introduction is in the previous post. It took almost three hours to fly here from my last city, but it would take over 36 by train. So, thanks to Miss Norma S., we flew. She paid for my ticket, just as she did when I flew from China to India. This was a MUCH shorter flight!

This is where Lady washes clothes out on the balcony. She says it is not working very well though, so she does a lot of hand wash. She had a disaster the first time she used the drying rack outside. It blew over and her tops fell into the rose bushes below. Her unmentionables fell on the dirty floor. She was NOT happy. This morning, she washed the balcony floor so I could go out on it and not get filthy, and so the clothes wouldn't get filthy if they fell again. Lady is getting a clothesline!
This is our guest room, and where the internet is. I am not allowed on the new bedcover, so Lady put my blankie on it for me. I like to be wherever she is, and of course, I have to wait my turn to write my blog.
This is our bathroom. Lady has a western potty, not a squatty. It has a new hot water heater called a geyser, because the old one blew up before I arrived!
This is our kitchen. Lady is THRILLED to have a geyser in the kitchen. She doesn't have to tote hot water from the bathroom to wash her dishes. The fridge is in the dining room. You can see why. That is normal here.
That's our front door, and the dining room. The fridge is in the right hand corner. This dining room and living area is larger than our last home. I have LOTS of space INSIDE, and lots of choices of place to rest.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is our bedroom.
This is the living room.
Living room.
This is where Lady has her QT, with reminders from her beach in Florida.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is a small sofa in the dining room.

Top o' the mornin' to ya! I am sporting my green tee shirt, and a shamrock in honor of this special day! While there are many legends associated with St. Patrick, one thing is absolutely true - he shared the Word of God with those who had previously enslaved him. He used what he had available to explain about God -the shamrock! I have listened to Lady tell the story many times.
Well, I had a good first night in my new home. Lady had to keep reminding me not to bark at every sound I heard, so I just growled really low. I don't think she slept much. Well, people were coming and going, street dogs barking, people talking loudly, what's a little dog to do? I woke Lady up early this morning so we were out by 6:30. I live on a very nice street. Those same street dogs barked at me this morning, but I ignored them. I made a friend this morning. Lady said she was a cute little mop but I thought she was hot. And was she checking me out!!!
Lady took photos of our new home for you to see.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lady's Back!

I was very happy to see James last night when he came to say good-bye. He brought me clothes, treats, medicine, shampoo and a lot of other goodies. I am going to be the best dressed little black dog in my new 'hood. His family is my Korean family. I learned a lot of Korean words from Mo and Hu. I won't forget them. I gave James a very nice welcome!
Saying good-bye to my other mom, Lydia. She took me everywhere with her. I also helped her when she worked on her computer. I even attended classes with her.
I lived with Qing part of the time. She lived with us for three months last summer. I have known her for three years. She is going back to her home country now because she graduated Saturday night.

Oh joy! I couldn't believe my eyes when my Lady came in the door! Millie's mom videotaped the whole reunion. I showered Lady with doggie kisses. She didn't mind. She was SO happy to see me. She stayed with us and I got to sleep with her on our own sheets. We stayed with the girls in the dormitory for the first night, but it was so hot! No fan. Lady got eaten alive with mosquitos, so we moved back into the big house and shared a room with another visiting American human girl. I hung out a lot with her before Lady came back. She spilled the beans that I had been riding the motorscooter with Lydia. Lady was not happy about that. Last night, Lydia and I took her to the bank to get some money, and Lady was so scared, she had us get off and walk the rest of the way back!. The traffic was awful as usual, it was at night, and Lady was so afraid for my safety! I don't wear a helmet. Good thing she didn't know I had been riding all along. I love it! As a matter of fact, when Samson came to see us off this morning, I hopped right up on his scooter, ready to go! Lady asked, "Why can't you ride skateboards or surfboards?" What can I say? I love the freedom of the ride!
This morning was the big flight to my new city. I was all nervous because of all the suitcases, but when my crate got loaded into the van, I knew I was going, too. I was really sporty looking today. James came to see me last night and gave me all the clothes I had worn when I lived with his family. I wore my red and black tee shirt with my red collar. You may think I am a lucky dog, but Lady doesn't believe in luck. She says I am blessed. Quite a few friends came ot see us off this morning. I want to thank Miss Carole and Jayanthi for helping to arrange for my flight. It was not easy, but everything went smoothly. I went "checked baggage." Imagine! Just because I brought my own seat, they called me "checked baggage." There was a huge German Shepherd dog in a gi-normous crate. in a crate smaller than mine, a German Shepherd puppy cried her eyes out. I stayed out of the crate until one hour to flight time. The last time I flew, I cried very loudly as they took me away. But this time, I knew what to expect and i didn't cry.
I was waiting for Lady when she arrived in baggage claim. I was super happy to see her. We got in the taxi and she took me out of the crate. I have explored my new home from corner to corner. I like it. We live on a very nice street with shade in the afternoon, which is a good thing. It was 90 degrees when we got home. I took off my shirt before going for a walk.
My Lady is here, my rug is here, my blanket is here, my clothes are here, my photos are on the shelf, my dishes are on the floor...I am home.