Tuesday, April 22, 2014


HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY, a bit late. We lost power last night so I couldn't post. The electrician came this morning and got everything going again. We had AC in the guest room , where Baby Nolan was staying, but no lights. We had lights and the fan in our room but no AC. The refrigerator was on, so all was fine for the night.
This little dog had a BIG DAY! 

 Baby Nolan got a basket, too! His first!
 Lady made sugar cookies
 We had a large gathering for house church Sunday morning. It was wall-to-wall humans! I loved it. I just went from human to human to get scratched. I know how to behave in house church. I've been going all my life. Okay, sometimes I let one and disrupt prayer time (I'm not allowed to toot in church). And sometimes I sing off key. But I know I have to be still and quiet when the humans pray. I behave much better than some of the little humans.
 Some of my teen friends
 I snuggled up to some feet
 Egg hunt!
 The egg hiders
 The egg finders
 I found one!
 And another one!
Lady is so excited that this family has moved to Delhi. They all used to live in the same city in China many years ago -before me! 
They hung out with us all day. I had a wonderful Easter, but I was one pooped pup by evening!! 
We hope the blessings of the Resurrection and the joy of the Risen Savior stay with you and yours!

Friday, April 18, 2014

HOME! In Time for Ressurection Day Sunday!

Home again with my Lady! I was quite vocal when she came in the taxi directly from the airport. I love my timeshare families, but when Lady comes to get me I just want to get going! 
Tonight we welcomed some of Lady's dear friends to our city. She's known them for many years. They are B4M (before me). They have five little humans but two are in college. They want to be a timeshare family, as well! I have enough love to go around. 
My Easter Bucket is out, ready for the Easter Beagle! We'll have Baby Nolan and his humans staying with us for Easter. He's getting an Easter Bucket, too. He's only nine months old though. 
More later!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Lady has the suitcases out again. She's leaving tomorrow for the mountains. I'm going to Aunty Delena's for a week. She gives me eggs, meat, and pancakes.
My birthday party will be on May 20, then Lady goes to Thailand and I go to one of my time-share families for a week. When Lady goes to Indore, I will go once again go to one of my timeshare families. BUTT, when she gets back, we're getting out of this heat, and back to the mountains where we used to live! We'll hire a taxi (all day) to take us, because I can't go by train or bus. We'll stay for 10 days with my little buddies Wyatt and Tate. Lady has a bunch of travel in four different countries all the way through mid August. So, I will stay in my former city, and go to summer camp for two months at Nancy and Vicky's! Vicky is a boy, you may remember. They brought me down to Delhi in 2012 when I moved here. So, they will bring me home in a taxi August 17th and stay for a visit with us. Lady is so praising the Lord for this. She didn't want me to stay in Delhi in the heat, and be shifted back and forth. My main time share families are traveling as well. Aunty Delena and family are going to Africa. Aunty Gail and family are going to the DR. So, I am going back to the mountains. Vicky and Nancy live in a really cool area with lots of room to walk and sniff. And they don't have a lot of furniture for me to jump on and hurt my back! 
I will miss Lady, but she will worry about me less if I am in summer camp in the cool mountains!
Lady will ask Nancy to help me post from summer camp.

Sunday, April 06, 2014


What can I say? I'm Chinese! I like jiaozi. Here, they call them "momos." I think they are called dumplings in English. Anyway, as a special treat Lady bought me a sack of chicken jiaozi, and shared her pad thai noodles with me! Yum! 
 The round ones are Lady's veggie jiaozis (gee-ow-dza), or momos.
 Yes, I eat with chopsticks! It's the only way to eat noodles, and jiaozi, too!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


This purple sunbird has a distinctive song. Well, it was chasing a female! It took Lady a couple of days to catch it on film. This is at the edge of our park, right in front of our house.

 Our park is full of color now, and people! Every evening, people flock to the parks to enjoy the coolness and the grass. Our spring was short-lived, but enjoyed so much! Today's high was 95.
 For you, Lilly Belle!

 With the temps climbing, we have to get out early and then wait again until after 6:00 pm, or it is too hot for a little black dog. We sure enjoyed out spring weather!!
My nose looks big, but Lady likes it.