Monday, December 13, 2010

Pallu Didn't Come

Pallu's mom and dad came last night but they left Pallu with her grandmother. Lady had baby-proofed the living room and put her toys out. I still wasn't allowed to play with them. I keep watching my stocking. It's still flat. Two others are fat though.
Pallu's folks were in time for a big dinner and Sunday worship time. They lit three candles this time. The first was for the prophets, the candle of Hope. The second was the candle of Bethlehem, the candle of peace, and the third was for the Shepherds, the candle of love. Lady made candle holders from flower pots and painted "Hope," "Peace," and "Love" on them. Our living room is still cold so the guys wrapped their feet in blankets! You know that fudge Lady and the girls made Saturday? Gone. But Lady made more today -chocolate fudge with crushed peppermint candies on the top. The guys are coming back tomorrow to have an early Christmas with us because they are going out of town Wednesday.
Rae took one of my sweaters to make a new one for me. She can keep that one. The legs are too long and it is very difficult for me to get in and out of. I do look dashing in it however. Rae made colorful socks with a big toe in them! She also made a head covering that most of the ladies where in the cold areas here in the mountains. It is colorful. Lady loves it. I sure hope my new sweater is not that colorful. Even Bill's socks have colorful designs on them. Not for this guy.

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