Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Lady says it is the last day of 2010. This is the year I moved from the south to the north of India. I didn't like New Delhi, but I like where I live now -except when it is cold and wet -like the last three days. It snows, but it doesn't stick. It just melts. Yesterday, it was thundering and lightning. I hate that. Scares a little dog. So, I didn't want to go out to take care of business. Lady put on my raincoat and carried me out. I wouldn't budge, so she took me to the tree to take care of my business, but I didn't finish the deal. Nope, one clap of thunder and I am ready to get back where it's warm.
So, our international guests came back for dinner. The Korean girl stayed all day because she didn't want to go out in the nasty weather either. Smart girl. It was her birthday, so she and Lady decorated the house, made balloon bouquets, and a birthday cake. The Australian, Indian, and American guys came back for dinner. They brought Chinese! I had chicken fried rice, momos, and a piece of chicken tikka. But just as they arrived I had an accident. My hind legs weren't working so well. My guests saw the evidence on my blanket. I was SO embarrassed. I waddled over and hid under the table. Lady didn't scold me, she just cleaned it up. She felt sorry for me, but she reminded me that she tried to take me out. And I didn't ask to go out. It was an accident. My first here. SO embarrassing with guests.
JeeYoung really likes me. She gave me a lot of attention. She spoke Korean to me. I understand Korean because I lived with two Korean boys for six months in 2009. I spent last Christmas with them. JeeYoung left this morning. I got up to see her off, then went back to bed. It's another yucky day, but I took care of business when Lady took me out. It's another bad back day. The roads are treacherous for motorcycles when it is wet and snowy like today, so the guys are not coming. Just me and Lady. We're having veggie burgers and soup for dinner. We're staying near the heaters. Last night the power went off. Hope it doesn't go off tonight! At least there's no thunder or lightning! Praise the Lord for that! Be safe tonight!

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