Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Party for the Children's Home Kids

I'm having a bad back day. But there's nothing that will cheer a little guy up than having a bunch of guests...who eat meat. The kids came for my Christmas Eve party at 3:30 pm and I walked them home at 8:00. They dropped plenty of good stuff, and of course, Lady had special treats for me. She ordered Chinese! I'm Chinese, you know, so I like fried rice, noodle and dumplings. 

 They played lots of games after Lady told the Reason for the Season. They made crafts. They made a huge mess!
 Hosting a party for 15 kids is a lot of work. I'm pooped.
 Because all the kids got gifts, Lady let me open one of my gifts tonight. I don't need any help. I am expert at opening any type of package.
 It's a squeaky reindeer!!! I love it! Don't even think about trying to take it from me.
 Lady made a bunch of cakes and cookies for dessert.

That baby arrived about 6:00 with her parents and her aunty -four more for the party! Lady was NOT happy that she was on her laptop. Her dad took this picture and thought it was cute. Lady didn't.
Well, I better get to sleep so Santa can come. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Please let me hear from you!

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