Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, I'm not crying this morning! Lady gave me a feel better pill last night. Yesterday our house guests left so Lady just sat on the floor with me by the heater and we watched movies. She wanted to keep me still and warm, and not leave me. I do much better after I have warmed up and rested. We had lasagna from the freezer for dinner -in the living room. Lady was tired of Indian food and missed traditional Christmas cooking. I am enjoying my Beggin Bacon Strips I got for Christmas, and my new squeaky toys. Lady has to carry me to take care of business, so she's getting a good workout. I might have to go back to the vet today. We'll see how I do. If they give me a steroid shot, I can't take the feel-better pills. Right now they are helping me. Lady doesn't have much faith in the vets here so far. We may have to take a long trip to see another one. I love car rides! And buses, and scooters, and auto rick-shaws, and pedi-cabs... not so much flying because I have to be crated. I just like to go!

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