Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Just staying warm. Lady got a package from Grandma and Grandpa. She left it in the brown paper and put it under the tree. The guys came over to have Christmas with us. They were opening presents. Lady opened he present. So, the one under the tree must be for me. I started opening it. Justin noticed and ratted on me. Turns out it isn't for me. I felt left out. Every Christmas I get gifts. St. Nick comes and fills my stocking. Lady gives me a gift too. When is Christmas? We had a party. We're having a big one Saturday night for the girls, the moms, and their families. We've been working all day getting ready. Lady bought a mattress for the floor for extra seating. She put my blankie on it so I can use it too. She put my heater near the mattress. Nice and cozy!
I walked too much last night and was in pain this morning. Lady gave me a feel better pill. I've just been taking it easy. I took Lady to see Shrutee. I might stay with her while Lady is out of the country in January. She already told me she has to go. Something about her visa. I wish Jerry could come back and stay with me. Gotta go help Lady makes some more stuff for Saturday.

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