Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Mess

Some of the neighborhood girls came to help Lady bake for the party tomorrow. Boy did they make a mess. I get scolded when I make such a mess. Two of them brought little sisters with them and they drove me crazy. They took my chew bones and chased me around the house with them. They teased me with a stuff snowman I KNOW I am not supposed to play with. I hid under the table. Lady told them to leave me alone or I might bite. She praised me for being tolerant of two three-year-olds! They are coming back tomorrow. Oh boy.
I didn't make a mess, but I did get in trouble today. When Lady came home for shopping I was out of my sweater and I had rearranged the pillows on the sofa. I also pulled my big yellow blanket up on the sofa. I forgot to pull it down again before Lady came home. I am not supposed to jump up on the sofa because of my back. Well, I needed to see out the living room window. I also pulled off the cushion covers. That's how Lady knew I had been looking out the window. The power was off so Lady was concerned I would get too cold. She wasn't happy that I was out of my sweater. Well, I was sunning in the big window. I was good. I didn't open any packages under the tree, or the gift bags for tomorrow.
It's gonna be crazy tomorrow, but I know all the big girls. It's the little humans like the ones today that drive me nuts. I will try to be sweet. I will be a good host, as always. I can't wait to have the special crackers the girls made for me today. They made Wheat Thins, so they made some plain wheat crackers for me, and cut them with the people cookie cutter and the bear cookie cutter!
We have power tonight so I am cozy and ready for bed!

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