Sunday, December 19, 2010


The party's over and I wiped out! It's a lot of work not getting stepped on, greeting all my guests, cleaning up the food they drop, seeing them to the door...
This little one was better today than yesterday. I was VERY good today. I let them all pet me. Lady fussed at the girls who were teasing me and pretending they had treats for me when they didn't. She stopped what she was doing and went and got me one of my treats. She told them they were being mean. They dropped a LOT of stuff on our rugs. There were almost 30 humans in our house today. As soon as they left, Bill and Rae came! Full house!
I feel ridiculous, but it gets me one of the special treats the girls made for me!
Busted! The little human wasn't supposed to give me this one!
I wouldn't keep this on long. Lady's got to put ties on it. I have gotten too fat for the velcro tabs to meet. Aunt Debbie and the kids brought this to me from the US.
In my younger days, I used to chase the snowballs and disrupt the game, but not anymore! I took a snooze while they played the snowball toss game.
Our living room was FULL. Lady rearranged the furniture an brought in a new mattress for extra seating. I really like the new mattress. Lady let me put my blankie on it and lie by the heater. Now, someone is sleeping on it. Uncle Bill and Aunty Rae came and brought Rae's brother with them. They are on their way home back to apple country. They will be back in a few days to spend Christmas with us. They are bringing that baby, too. 
When do I get to open any presents? I've been good.

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