Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy Days

It's been crazy at my house! Lady went to Delhi and left me with Jerry's twin, Sheila. Then, Uncle Joey shows up and moves almost all the furniture out! I didn't know what to think. But, my stocking is still up, and my trees are still here, so all is okay. In a few days, Lady returned and is helping me catch up.
Here's my Christmas photo for 2010. Aunty June and Uncle Joey brought the Ho-HoHo sweater from the states. Thank you! It's warm and I look dashing -well, Lady thinks so. That's our "Around the World" tree and my stocking in the background.
Close-up of me!
It's quite cold these days for a little dog, so I need a sweater every day. My hind legs are still wobbly but I am not in pain. I walk pretty well, but I just stop when I have had enough and ask Lady to pick me up. Our big room is too hard to heat so we are in the smallest room in the house with the heater on. I get to lie by the window and look out over the 'hood and the mountains while Lady works on her laptop. We are having some electrical outlet problems so we can't heat the bedroom yet. We have a gas heater but the gas man hasn't come. The washer engineer came again today. I didn't bark. But, he has to order yet another part and won't be back for a week! Poor Lady has to hand wash so many clothes, and no dryer. It takes SO long for clothes to dry now.
We've had lots of folks coming by to see us. The big girls came Wednesday, and the Moms came Thursday. The baby downstairs came ot see me as well. I make her laugh. Pallu is coming Sunday. Oh boy.

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