Thursday, December 23, 2010

Packing Presents

This is what our living room looks like when Lady prepares presents for kids. This is our first year in this city, and the gifts are for the kids at Grace Home for Children, around the corner. You've seen their pictures from when they've come to visit me. We're having a party for them.
I wasn't much help tonight. I was naughty and I am paying for it. I never jump on the furniture when Lady is home. But while she was shopping I jumped up on the sofa and the chairs. By the time Lady got home I was hurting. I cried. I left evidence, so she figured out why. She gave me a feel better pill, and turned on my heater. So, I mainly helped in a supervisory role this year.

Lots of stuff! Aunty Yvonne sent cups and kazoos and paddles and stickers!

Finished. I will help with the party.

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