Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lady's Back!

I was very happy to see James last night when he came to say good-bye. He brought me clothes, treats, medicine, shampoo and a lot of other goodies. I am going to be the best dressed little black dog in my new 'hood. His family is my Korean family. I learned a lot of Korean words from Mo and Hu. I won't forget them. I gave James a very nice welcome!
Saying good-bye to my other mom, Lydia. She took me everywhere with her. I also helped her when she worked on her computer. I even attended classes with her.
I lived with Qing part of the time. She lived with us for three months last summer. I have known her for three years. She is going back to her home country now because she graduated Saturday night.

Oh joy! I couldn't believe my eyes when my Lady came in the door! Millie's mom videotaped the whole reunion. I showered Lady with doggie kisses. She didn't mind. She was SO happy to see me. She stayed with us and I got to sleep with her on our own sheets. We stayed with the girls in the dormitory for the first night, but it was so hot! No fan. Lady got eaten alive with mosquitos, so we moved back into the big house and shared a room with another visiting American human girl. I hung out a lot with her before Lady came back. She spilled the beans that I had been riding the motorscooter with Lydia. Lady was not happy about that. Last night, Lydia and I took her to the bank to get some money, and Lady was so scared, she had us get off and walk the rest of the way back!. The traffic was awful as usual, it was at night, and Lady was so afraid for my safety! I don't wear a helmet. Good thing she didn't know I had been riding all along. I love it! As a matter of fact, when Samson came to see us off this morning, I hopped right up on his scooter, ready to go! Lady asked, "Why can't you ride skateboards or surfboards?" What can I say? I love the freedom of the ride!
This morning was the big flight to my new city. I was all nervous because of all the suitcases, but when my crate got loaded into the van, I knew I was going, too. I was really sporty looking today. James came to see me last night and gave me all the clothes I had worn when I lived with his family. I wore my red and black tee shirt with my red collar. You may think I am a lucky dog, but Lady doesn't believe in luck. She says I am blessed. Quite a few friends came ot see us off this morning. I want to thank Miss Carole and Jayanthi for helping to arrange for my flight. It was not easy, but everything went smoothly. I went "checked baggage." Imagine! Just because I brought my own seat, they called me "checked baggage." There was a huge German Shepherd dog in a gi-normous crate. in a crate smaller than mine, a German Shepherd puppy cried her eyes out. I stayed out of the crate until one hour to flight time. The last time I flew, I cried very loudly as they took me away. But this time, I knew what to expect and i didn't cry.
I was waiting for Lady when she arrived in baggage claim. I was super happy to see her. We got in the taxi and she took me out of the crate. I have explored my new home from corner to corner. I like it. We live on a very nice street with shade in the afternoon, which is a good thing. It was 90 degrees when we got home. I took off my shirt before going for a walk.
My Lady is here, my rug is here, my blanket is here, my clothes are here, my photos are on the shelf, my dishes are on the floor...I am home.

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