Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Photos of My New Home

Here are some more photos of my new home in a VERY large city in the north. My introduction is in the previous post. It took almost three hours to fly here from my last city, but it would take over 36 by train. So, thanks to Miss Norma S., we flew. She paid for my ticket, just as she did when I flew from China to India. This was a MUCH shorter flight!

This is where Lady washes clothes out on the balcony. She says it is not working very well though, so she does a lot of hand wash. She had a disaster the first time she used the drying rack outside. It blew over and her tops fell into the rose bushes below. Her unmentionables fell on the dirty floor. She was NOT happy. This morning, she washed the balcony floor so I could go out on it and not get filthy, and so the clothes wouldn't get filthy if they fell again. Lady is getting a clothesline!
This is our guest room, and where the internet is. I am not allowed on the new bedcover, so Lady put my blankie on it for me. I like to be wherever she is, and of course, I have to wait my turn to write my blog.
This is our bathroom. Lady has a western potty, not a squatty. It has a new hot water heater called a geyser, because the old one blew up before I arrived!
This is our kitchen. Lady is THRILLED to have a geyser in the kitchen. She doesn't have to tote hot water from the bathroom to wash her dishes. The fridge is in the dining room. You can see why. That is normal here.
That's our front door, and the dining room. The fridge is in the right hand corner. This dining room and living area is larger than our last home. I have LOTS of space INSIDE, and lots of choices of place to rest.

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