Friday, March 26, 2010


So, I am doing better. I still cry when Lady puts me down, but nothing like earlier in the week. I had two more injections and I didn't cry. In the waiting area there was a ginormous Saint Bernard. His human told him to lie down but he wanted to check me out. I growled at him and tried to snap at him. Lady reminded me I am a dachshund, not a doberman pinscher! She took me in the inner waiting room even though it wasn't our turn to go in there. A black cat was waiting, but her human put her in a basket. That was kind. Now I will skip two days before I go back. I still need hot compresses on my back. Lady made my dinner last night -half of a chicken frank (I like that name better), green beans, a little rice, soy, and potatoes. It was yummy.
When I came out, two pugs, a cocker spaniel that was very sick, a shepherd, and a beagle were waiting.
I must say, I don't like the muzzle one little bit. Lady is very impressed that i let them take my temperature you-know-where. I hate that, and she got our own thermometer to take it under my arm. But this vet stuck it in and I didn't even cry or bite him. He is very good with shots as well.
I am still waiting for opinions on diet issues. Oh yeah, the vet said I need to get down to 8 or 8.5 kilos to take pressure off my spine. I'm at 9.3 now. Hard to do when i am no longer running up and down stairs.
It's not in India, but we have fans, and will run the AC after they are serivced and it gets even hotter. Yup, it will get up 120 degrees. And I am black.

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  1. Marley,
    Glad to know you are feeling better each day! You are a seasoned patient! You and Lady make a good team! Make sure to give her lots of licks as she deserves lots of your affection! She loves her little Marley! Have a good weekend and try to avoid any scrapes with the hood dogs! Hey you will be slim and trim before you know it!
    Take care Ms. Billie