Thursday, March 18, 2010


My new friends: Mom, Peyton, and Rachael! We're all wearing green for St. Patrick's Day!

I had guests last night! Two short humans and their mom. They loved me! Of course I had to show them my dance, and a few other tricks. Humans like that. I can get them to give me treats by just sitting, dancing, lying down, or speaking! I don't mind, as long as I get some meat out of it. The boy human brought me a chicken dog! Why do they call it that? Rude! How would you like it if I fed you chicken people? Anyway, they also brought me veggie milk bones. Lady liked that. They made such cute faces when they gave me treats. I just love it. So entertaining. I might get to go to their house for a sleepover if the Big Human dad gives the okay. These are my first friends here. I am so happy to be making friends.
I am doing really well on not barking. Lady wants me to be a good neighbor. Last night, I didn't even growl. I tried not to bark while she was at school. I took a nap. I am really tired. We had a nice long walk this morning. I think the street dogs are getting used to me. I learned my lesson about messing with the big boys. I just ignore them. I hate needles, and when I am bitten, it's to the white coats and more needles! Nope, I just keep on walkin' and let them bark.

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  1. We are so glad you like our goodies!! Guess what? Your lady invited us over for dinner. So, we'll bring you another chicken hotdog tonight! and veggie bones :-)