Sunday, March 21, 2010

VIsit to the Vet

I cried when Lady picked me up or put me down, and I had trouble on the stairs. I was in pain. I tried to tell Lady where it was put she wasn't sure if the pain was internal or in my hips. After church, my new human friends Rachel, Peyton, and their Mom took me to see the White Coats in their 'hood. Their Big Dad drove us. Guess what? The vet wasn't even wearing a white coat! But, like those before him, he stuck me...TWICE! I tried to snap at him so he muzzled me. Actually, I felt much better when he finished. I haven't cried since. He told Lady what I have is extremely common in my breed because of our long bodies. He said all my jumping up, dancing, jumping on furniture, and climbing stairs has taken its toll on my discs. He suggested a different dog food, Royal Canin (that's the way they spell it here) that costs $28 for a 4 kg. (8.8 pounds) bag. The make one just for dachshunds (Dachshund 28) that she is trying to find for me. She might also start giving me MEAT as she has before, but more regularly. She says if will help my back and make me more comfortable, it is worth it. Max and Millie both eat Royal Canin. Also, she had to put warm compresses on my lower back and I have to go back to the vet tomorrow. I hope i don't get stuck again...but if it takes the pain away, it will be worth a moment of discomfort. I didn't even cry when they stuck me! They stuck me in the neck and not my butt. My neck wasn't what was hurting! Lady is thankful I am not crying every time she picks me up to help me on the furniture. The vet said she has to carry me up and down the stairs. I weigh 20 pounds! I'm not sure what they will do to me tomorrow, but the new vet wants to see my other records to make sure I have had all my inoculations. He said I was missing some. Lady said they are on my other record card. Lady gave me my favorite treat, "Beggin Bacon Strips," for being a good boy and I didn't have to "no bark," or "wait," or anything. She said I'd had a rough day. I'll say! That black dog growled at me again and scared me, then the whole trip to the vet thing. I sure do appreciate my friends, Mom, Big Dad, Rachel, and Peyton, for finding a vet for me and taking me there!
Lady wonders how many are reading my blog. Hard to tell because you don't make comments, or you could e-mail me. If you have any advice for my back, or about my food, I'd like to hear it.

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