Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Brings Pain

So, my back is paining me, as they phrase it here. I shouldn't have jumped up on the sofa last night. I know i am supposed to ask for help. Well, I didn't even try to get down by myself. This morning I took Lady for a walk, and I pooped out. I put on my brakes and waited until she asked me if I wanted her to pick me up. My happy meter goes back and forth swiftly for an affirmative answer. But it hurts me when she picks me up and puts me back down. I know she isn't trying to hurt me, but it hurts nonetheless. She carried me for awhile, then put me back down to finish taking care of business. Ouch. I cried. So, she gave me my vitamins with my breakfast and half of an anti-inflamatory pill called Carprofen. My vet told her she could give it to me if I had pain in between visits. This is the first time she felt I really needed it. Lady went to school and I rested. When she returned, she found me on the sofa, so she figured the pill must have helped. I am supposed to go back to see the vet today, so she is taking me this morning, which is kind of her -not to make me hurt all day long. The vet office doesn't reopen until after 5:30 pm. We went to the bank to get more money. It's the coolest thing: when Lady needs money, she just sticks a card into a slot and TaDaaaa! Money comes out! The guard didn't want me inside but I am Lady's guard, and I am NOT leaving her while she gets money.
It's really hot -over 100, so we walk early and early evening. Then, it is quite nice! I just can't walk for as long when my back is paining me so.

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