Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm fine until the pain meds wear off. The vet had me skip yesterday, so by this morning I was hurting. I didn't even try to get off the bed by myself, or try to go down the stairs. I waited for Lady to pick me up, but when she did, it hurt so I cried. I cried when she put me down. I didn't want to walk a big block this morning. I just wanted to walk a short block...slowly. I kept putting on the brakes to slow Lady down. I am so hungry now that I am eating more. More food means more "business" to take care of. Lady says I'm a regular poop factory! I don't say anything except, "where's the meat?" Lady gave me a chicken dog (still don't like that name) for supper when our guests came. I was very well behaved, of course.
After Lady got back from school, we took an auto rickshaw to the vet. I was good because i hurt too much to care. They still muzzle me so I won't bite when they stick me. Two more injections, but man do I feel better afterwards. And, Lady gives me treats for being a good boy. I go back day after tomorrow. The vet says they have to wean me off the painkillers as my back is healing. Lady puts warm compresses on my back. No dancing for me! Lady is trying to find a vet chiropractor in India, but so far no luck. There are listings from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association for the US, Europe, Canada and Australia, but so far none for Asia. Chiropractors are rare for humans in India but not in China, although it is a little different. It would be better for me in the long run than having to take pain meds. Lady will keep me on the vitamins I am taking: Vitamin B and B complex, Vitamin E & C, and Calcium with Vitamin D. She is still not convinced about switching me to Royal Canin Dog food. The first ingredient is corn. But the vet recommends it. She has found lots of information on analyzing dog food, and lots of recipes. But it is hard to find good beef here. We don't live in a Muslim neighborhood anymore.
If anybody has any diet suggestions for me, we would really appreciate hearing from you. Just click on the envelope and you can email me. We could use some encouragement as well! The high today was 99 degrees. That's hot for a little black dog. It will only get hotter in the days to come. If I hadn't been hurting so bad, Lady would have waited until after dark to take me to the vet. It's cooler.

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