Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trip to the Vet

We thought you might be interested in what a trip to the vet involves for us. We think it might be quite different than where you are. 
I had a bath first, because I am getting my annual shots and won't be able to have one right after. Besides, I am very dirty. We have a lot of mud due to the big storm I told you about. Lady has a shower head  with a handle, so it is fairly easy to bathe me. The power was on so I had hot water. Then I do the after-bath dance to dry myself. Lady calls for a taxi. He doesn't answer. So, we walk down the mountain to find one. Lady doesn't have a car here, and I am not allowed on the bus. It costs $3.40 one way. Jerry goes with us.
The driver drops us off after a 20 minute ride. We climb down some stair at the Government Veterinary Hospital. We must pay 5 cents to see the doctor. Nobody is there, so they don't get our five cents. Lots of dogs already. A guy in a white coat comes and gets us. We go into one of the large treatment rooms. There are two steel tables. One has a cocker puppy on it, and the other has a big yellow lab who has chewed all the hair off his tail. Lady tells the vet what we need and gives him my records. I am getting my distemper combo inoculation today. He writes on a piece of paper the vaccine to get, and sends Jerry up the mountain to the chemist (pharmacy) to go get it. We already have our syringes. Lady and I wait and chat with one of the many vets and vet helpers here today. My vet finally comes, and asks about my back. I am doing much better. The vet gives me a sample of Paws Up to help me with my arthritis. 
After 40 minutes, Jerry returns empty handed. She went to two chemists -both closed. They tell her where another chemist is in the other direction. Another customer offers to show her where it is, as they are going there to get their dog's medicine. She comes back 10 minutes later with my vaccine. It cost $6.75. They tell Lady to put me on the cold steel table. She told them to please clean the table first. A Llasa Apso with a very itchy problem had been on that table, and the old lady didn't clean it yet. Lady puts me up on the table and holds my head with her body. I have a tendency to snap at the vet when getting injections. I didn't even cry or try to snap!! We're done and I am out of here. He says to come back in 15 days for my Rabies vaccination. We walk down the busy road to the taxi stand and a driver we know waves at us. Jerry and I head on home, and Lady goes up the mountain to shop. I get a treat.

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  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Hi Marleigh, glad the visit to the vet went well. You were a good boy! Glad Lady was watching out for you and they cleaned that table before putting you up. You, Lady and Jerry have a good rest of the weekend.