Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Roger


Out on my balcony

Today is my human Uncle Roger's birthday. He's even older than I am, and I'm pretty old. Lady doesn't know exactly when my birthday is, so we celebrate on my Adoption Day, May 20. I usually have a pretty big party, unless I get bit in the butt and have to postpone, like in 2009! Anyway, I've chatted with my uncle over Skye, and met my cousins. They are adopted, too. One is a white designer rescue dog, and the other is a fancy shmancy Havanese named Pepper. He's black like me. Casey is white with fluffy ears. Casey had biting issues, so he could relate to my recent problems.
I drove Lady nuts this morning, whining in my wheels. She gave me chicken when I got myself unstuck. I like a little chicken with my whine.
Satiya came over for some tutoring in English. He had the day off from school. He is a naughty little boy, but Lady loves him and wants to try to keep him out of trouble. He loves me. He's not the one I bit. I tolerate him pretty well. He gets into everything.
Guess what? Jerry's back! She used to live with us before. I gave her a hearty welcome. She's not vegetarian either! Yippee!

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