Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm still not feeling well. I wouldn't eat anything until 6:00 PM, and even then not until Lady put some milk on it. Jerry went and got my medicine, Griptol-N. It says it is an anti-diarrhoeal. Lady wouldn't give it to me until she talked to the vet. I don't have "loose motion" as they say here. The vet called us and told Lady that I could have some bacteria that causes loose motion, or something like that. He wants me to take it twice a day for three days. So, Lady followed the directions and measured out the correct amount in the special measuring spoon, ad tried to pour it in my mouth. That stuff was NASTY! I slung my head and waggled my tongue trying to get that stuff out of my mouth. No way was I swallowing it! I splattered Lady's jeans, her hands, and the floor generously, then took off. Lady tasted her hand and discovered why I spit it out. She said, "This stuff is NASTY! Sorry, Marley!" She'll figure some way to sneak it into me. Rots of ruck.  I still have some blood on my poop. We don't know what is wrong. So, please keep praying for me. And if any of you other doxies out there can tell me what's up, let us know. Oh, and I threw up twice today, that yellow frothy stuff.
The big girls came over, and that cheered me up. They scratched me a lot.
 I can always count on Pearly to scratch me.


  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Hi Marley and Lady, sorry to hear about this set back. I am praying to the Lord for Marley to get better quickly. May He also give your Vet additional insight in treating Marley. Hopefully, this is just some bad bit of food or something. Marley, try to take your medicine and drink water to keep hydrated.

  2. I don't want that yucky stuff. I turned down my favorite treats. Lady says I need it but yuck!. She is frustrated and worried.