Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I Don't Like

Thunder and lightning. And we had plenty last night. I normally sleep at the end of our king sized bed at Lady's feet, although she tries to get me to sleep on the other side. She started putting my blanket on that side, now that I don't need the heater. It's the side closest to the window -the huge window with a clear view of the lightning. We had several windows open. The winds were so strong, Lady had to get up and close them all. She had a hard time, but I couldn't help her. I was keeping the sheets warm. When she came back to bed I was in her spot. She scooted me over. A thunderous boom sent me barreling over her to the far side and under the covers. We hid under the covers together and finally, the storm passed. This morning the streets were not as messy as we thought, but there was debris.
I don't like cherry bombs and fire crackers. Tonight, we're sitting in the living room watching TV when BOOM! Ka-Boom! I quickly crawled into Lady's lap. She said I was shaking like a leaf. I was just cold. I dread the holidays that call for crackers or cherry bombs -Divali, New Year's, Chinese New Year,weddings, and a few more.
I don't like helium balloons. They're creepy, drifting around and making shadows. I don't like them. I don't like balloons period, but especially not helium balloons.
I don't like kids getting in my face when I retreat under the table, clearly indicating I don't want to play.
I don't like people who come into MY house and ask Lady to put me behind closed doors.
I don't like Lady behind ANY closed doors.
I don't like fruit.
I don't like other real dogs, only puppies, eunuchs, and ladies (I am not allowed to use the "b" word in print, although it is the proper term.
I don't like my sunglasses.
I don't like my wheels.
That's about it. What about you?

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