Friday, May 20, 2011

It's My Special Day!

Seven years ago today, Lady adopted me. I was living in the capital city of Yunnan province in southwest China. My family left me with the house helper for six months before my human dad came back only to sell the furniture...and me. He asked the  humans who bought the furniture if they wanted me. They said no because the Man has allergies. They called Lady because they knew she loved animals. What that has to do with me, I don't know. What they didn't know, is that Lady had asked God for me less than two weeks earlier. She was in a new city and a new flat. She didn't know anyone in the neighborhood, and they were afraid to speak to her. She was lonely in her new big flat. So, she told God about it. She wanted a black and tan doberman pinscher, but she lived on the fourth floor. So, she asked God for a black and tan dachshund. She didn't know little dogs like me were hard to find in Yunnan. But God is big, and He heard her cry. He blessed her with me.
The first time she saw me, the house helper was just about to take me out to take care of business. She said to me, "You must be Marley," and she stuck out the back of her hand so I could sniff her. She smelled good, so I set my happy meter in motion and I kissed her hand. I didn't quite know what to think when all my stuff was put in a paper sack, and we got in a taxi. I let her pick me up and hold me in her lap. Chinese is my first language, but I understood some English as well. Mainly, I understand kindness and love. 
Lady's friend had called the bus station and they said as long as I was in a box I could ride. So, the taxi driver got us a box. Lady put me in it with my toy, water,  and a towel. We tried to get on the bus but the driver stopped us with a firm, "Bu!" No. I'd heard that before. He said I had to ride with the bags. Lady cried and begged but the answered was still, "BU!" Lady crawled in the baggage compartment. I thought she was going to ride with me, but she was just making sure I had air and it wasn't hot. It wasn't. Lady says it was the longest two and a half hours of her life. She prayed for me the whole way, and worried about me. After two hours, I got tired of being down there and started calling her to come get me. My cries broker her heart. As soon as the bus stopped she flew off and ran to open the door of the baggage compartment. I was no longer in the box, but was sitting atop one of the softer bags. I turned on my happy meter to let her know I was fine. Everybody laughed. I leaped into her welcoming arms, and we got in another taxi to go to my new home. 
Lady had invited the family that told her about me. They have three short humans. They came over for my welcoming party. And now, every year Lady and I celebrate my "gotcha day," and my birthday. The vet told her my birthday was around this time, so we celebrate both. That makes me ten years old today! And guess what???? I am doing SOOOOO much better! I am not aching. I am not dragging my legs. I am not crying. My left hip is still weak, and I wobble a bit, but I feel good! Lady is so relieved! 
It is the tradition in India that on your birthday, you give out sweets. So, today Lady and I will hand out dog treats to the street dogs. And tonight, the poor children from the Home are coming over. I will share with them, too! 
We'll post more photos of my party when we get them from our friend, but here's some of me opening gifts.
 Baby Wyatt came to my party. He and his mommy made me some dee-licious bacon flavored biscuits! They are so yummy. He even made me a card. He signs his name the way I do, with a paw print!
 Christy gave me some of my favorite cookies, and some cheese! I don't have any trouble opening my own gifts.

  Jerry gave me a new baby. It didn't take long for me to chew the leg off. I love it! I also got a squeaky purple football, chew bones, and more doggie treats.


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Happy Birthday Marley! My mom loves reading your posts!
    Lick, Lick...
    Odie, Nova Scotia, Canada

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Hi Marleigh, congrats to you and Lady on your adoption day. I was a bit teary eyed reading how the Lord was able to connect you and Lady. It is a beautiful to read about this. I was bit worried reading about your voyage in the baggage compartment but I knew you would be OK. But, boy, that would have been so scary. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better too! I hope both you and Lady have a wonderful day. May God bless you and Lady this day and every day!