Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I like

I like having guests. I am a very good host. I announce the arrival of my guest, greet them at the door, and run to show them my baby, or my blankie, or another toy. I invite them to play with me -such as my favorite game, tug-of-war. I kiss my favorites, and lick bare toes.
I like raw carrots with ranch dip. If I smell dip and you give me a plain carrot, I will refuse it until you put dip on it.
I like Beggin' Bacon Strips from the US.
I like stuffed toys.
I like blankets that I can chew a hole in and not get in trouble.
I like chapatti's (like a wheat flour tortilla, popular in India)
I like rice and gravy-preferably meat
I like body massages.
I like my anywhere scratched or rubbed.
I like milk, eggs, and cheese- love cheese.
I like chicken.
I like beef.
I like bone-shaped chews.
I like squeaky toys.
I like digging on my carpet, and digging in the dirt.
I like sniffing EVERYTHING outside.
I like watering bushes, trees, and car tires.
I like puppies and human babies.
I like men.
I like female dogs -especially fat pugs.
I like bacon-flavored treats.
Just in case you were wondering.
Oh, by the way, Friday is my Adoption Day, but my party is tomorrow (Tuesday) so that Christy can come. She's at boarding school but will be home Tuesday. She does not like boarding school, and would cry if she missed my party. She took good care of me in Jan. and Feb. So, Lady changed my Adoption Day/Birthday Celebration to tomorrow. We've been busy getting ready. She made some dog treats today. We cant decorate until tomorrow because we have house church tonight and Lady's serving dinner. We will be celebrating 7 years together, and my 10th birthday!!! Wanna come join us? We live up in the mountains in India. If you can't make it, I'll tell you all about it after! I always enjoy my parties!

The Moms and Friends came over Thursday. The twins came, too. Lady had to tell them I bite so they wouldn't hit me. They are trying to pet me, but it's more like a hit on my back. Ouch. She let them play with some toys. I entertained the ladies.


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Hi Marley, congratulations on the celebration of your adoption day! Hope you, Lady and your guests have a great party.

  2. Thank you! I had a great party and I am still celebrating. I will give out treats to the street dogs today, as is the custom here.