Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh No! It's That Time Again!

Lady took pictures at the bazaar yesterday of the signs of the coming festival...the one I dread since coming to India: Diwali-The Festival of Lights. It's a scary time for a little dog like me. Lots and lots of fireworks for days! It is a major festival celebrated by just about everybody.
Everybody's out buying new clothes, gifts, and decorations.

I love nuts, but I am not allowed to eat very many.
Here's Jerry shopping for stuff. She's got her suitcases on the floor. I wonder why? Her sister came to stay with us while Lady was gone to the beach, but she left today. I really like her a lot. I sure hope Jerry doesn't leave us. I will miss her. Her gives me chicken when Lady takes her out to eat. She makes me chappattis and fried paneer. If she goes away, I hope she comes back like Lady does when she leaves me. 
Lady bought colored lights and draped them on our balconies. We'll leave them up for Christmas after Diwali. We have candles everywhere. We don't celebrate The Festival of Lights -we just celebrate One Light -Jesus Christ -the Light who pierces the darkness. So, for us it is the Festival of Light- a change to share about our Light. I'll keep you posted.

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