Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back to the Vet Hospital

I had to go back for another injection. I like the riding in the car part, but not the shot in the butt part. The vet has been coming near my home to give me the shot. Lady or Jerry holds me in the front seat and the doctor shoots me. Last time, he told Aunty Jerry to let him see me walk. I promptly walked over to his car tire and peed on it. Maybe that's why we had to hire a taxi to drive us to the hospital! He changed my meds. Now I will take an oral red pill (oh boy) for ten days. It's Methycobal. The injection is Depo-medrol. Lady waas not happy when she found out I shouldn't be taking Carprophen and the Depo-medrol. The vet knew I was taking the Carprophen, but said it was good for me. He didn't tell Lady to stop giving it to me while I was getting the Depo-medrol injections. Sophie's mom wrote Lady and told her about Dodger's List. It's all about IVDD, which the vet in Delhi thought I had. This vet says I don't have it but have something else wrong with my nerves-maybe a bulging disc. Lady was relieved because IVDD is really really bad. On that web page, Lady learned about the drugs used to treat it, and found out about the drug interactions. Lady watched the video that showed how she is supposed to lift me to protect my back. Neither one of us like that way AT ALL. She is supposed to reach between my hind legs with her right hand and then reach across me with her left to support my front legs. Her right hand gets a handful of boy-ness. Probably works fine for the girls, but for us real boys, it is unpleasant. For Lady it is unpleasant. She doesn't want to hold onto my privates. So, we went back to the old way. As long as she keeps me horizontal it should be just fine.
This is the guy! This is the one!
Pet Club India sent me a Happy Diwali e-mail. On their site, they tell about how to help us dogs through Diwali. Seems other little guys don't like it either. Lady did as recommended and asked the vet about a mild sedative. He pointed to an add on the wall and said, "you could try that but it is not available in India. Well, maybe you can get it in Delhi." Big help. It's a wall plug-in that lets out a certain vapor and is supposed to help me be calm. Anybody heard of it before or used it? She's trying something else recommended on the site. It said to give me a treat when the loud noises start. Now I like that idea!! Some have already started lighting crackers (firecrackers) and cherry bombs, and it will only get worse by Friday and Saturday. Any other ideas???

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  1. So sorry you are still hurting! Wish I knew how to help, but really have no clue except to pray.
    Auntie Carole