Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Visitors on Diwali

I survived another day and night of frightening noises and bright lights. The tradition is for people to visit friends and family and bring gifts. Here are some of our visitors.
They brought us a gift!
This baby lives downstairs. I make her laugh, so her daddy brought her up for a visit. I was very good and didn't take her biscuit...but I wanted to.
More kids from the children's home came to sing, and make crafts, and have an English lesson. They don't understand as much English as I do! I was good and walked them almost all the way back. Somebody lit a cracker, so that was that! Time to go home.
Lay went to her friends house four streets up the mountain. From their terrace they could see fireworks all over the place! Jerry and i stayed home and tried to ignore the bombs and whistles and screamers.
Yeah, it's pretty. Many houses had lights twinkling.

You would not believe the mess this morning! Of course I had to check it out. Our whole street is littered like this. We still heard some bombs and crackers this morning but tonight it is finally quiet. 
This is one of the little humans who came yesterday. He just loves me and always wants to play with my toys. The kids from the home love coming here to see me. Lady says I have to be sweet to them and tolerant. They are very poor. If I am good, she gives me a treat and lots and lots of scratching!

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