Monday, November 08, 2010

Bags by the Door

Rats! Lady has bags by the door, and none of them are mine! I know what that means. She bought me a new chew bone, and gave me pizza for dinner. Yep, trying to soften the blow of another trip. Thank the Lord I have Jerry to stay with me. But in just one week, she and Lady both are leaving and Jerry isn't coming back! We hope the landlord is keeping me, but she hasn't agreed yet.
Jerry smelled the evidence on her pink rug. These injections make me so thirsty! What's a little dog to do? I couldn't help it. At least I didn't throw up this morning. Jerry's funny! She says "He put out again." Ha! I am walking pretty well, but I get tired pretty quickly. I have one more shot in the butt and five more pills.
Friends came to see me tonight. One snuck some Kur-Kuri and some chips to me! Kur-kuri is like spicy Cheetos. They're real crunchy, so I got caught! I'm almost didn't get pizza crusts because of it. I ate my chow though.
So, since I am not allowed on the computer unless Lady is here, I won't be posting until she gets back.

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