Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lady's back but not for long...

Oh, happy day! I make sure Lady knows I missed her. She brought that human baby and her parents with her. At first, the kid didn't remember me and cried! But now she's chasing me around again. She threw up on the rug tonight. I went over to help clean it up but Lady stopped me.
Our landlady told Lady she would take care of me while she and Jerry are away, but she backed out this morning, the day before Lady leaves. Lady was so upset she cried! I felt bad for her. She doesn't like to leave me, and this is the first time she is leaving me with someone besides Jerry. The landlady changed her mind and was fussing all over lady, and kissing her face. Just like me! So, she came to learn how to feed me and carry me carefully down the stairs. I'm doing a bit better but I am still wobbly. I had my last injection this morning but another vet put me on a syrup called Geriforte. I have to have it for twenty days. Oh yum.
The Big Girls came today. I was glad to see them and warmly welcomed each one -all eleven!
It's quite cold. Lady and I are sleeping in Jerry's room because we gave up our bed to our guests.
It's going to be so lonely here without Jerry. I'm sure she will miss me. Maybe she will coem back. A little dog can hope.

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