Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad Back Days

My back is killing me! I'm even peeing like a girl! Lady gave me a doggie ibuprophen, and put the heating pad on me. I am also wearing my Pooh coat because it's chilly for a short-haired wiennie like me. I'm walking real slow. Night before last, I told Lady I didn't even want to go out. That was a first! She was shocked, but she took me anyway, because she didn't want my bladder to explode. Once outside I took care of business in short order, and just wanted to go home. I like lying in the sunbeam that comes through our living room window. Lady put my mat outside on the balcony so I wouldn't have to lie on the cold tiles. I'm whining a lot. I can't help it. But I DON"T want more injections like in Delhi. Ouch. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow. I still love it when people come over. The ladies came yesterday to hear a story from Lady. My happy meter went full speed. Lady was happy to see that, as I had been mopey up to that point. I'm eating good. I haven't lost my appetite -especially for Jerry's home-made tortilla chips, or pita pockets.
The kids lit fire crackers again last night. So, bad back, AND firecrackers! What's a little black dog to do?

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