Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Fell

Finally! Monsoons are over! We've decorated for fall. I'm sporting my nice coat because there's a chill in the air! No complaints here, I haven't forgotten the awful heat of New Delhi. I just find a sunbeam and lie in it. Lady takes me up on the terrace so I can bask while she reads. Our days are 63-65 and our nights are 43 down to 38 forecast for next Friday!
So, the weather is super nice, but fall means it's festival season. I hate festival season because of all the firecrackers and fireworks. Just down the hill they have a big colorful tent set up. It's for Dussehra which celebrates the victory of good over evil. Lord Ram and his brother Laxman gathered an army to defeat Ravan and get his wife Sita back. Soon it will be Diwali, or "festival of light." For days they shoot off firecrackers and fireworks! For days I shake and don't want to go out.
Tonight I took Lady out for her evening walk and I heard the fire crackers. I turned around and wanted to go home, but the kids were right in front of my house! They threw crackers towards us! Lady scolded them and they said sorry, and went back down the hill. Still, I high-tailed it in the other direction. Finally Lady coaxed me to go home. I stick close to Lady or Jerry. I don't sleep well. They celebrate all night it seems. The loud music upsets me. No, I don't like festival season, and India has so many of them. Plus, tomorrow is 10-10-'10, and auspicious day to get married so lots of pre-wedding celebrations tonight. My aunty Allison is marrying Kelby tomorrow in the US. She used to live with us when we lived in the south. She tried not to love me but failed.
Our fall sunset.
Look at the size of this guy! Lady saw him on the mall. He makes me look small! Bet he eats a lot of chapatis! She keeps meeting males! I am all for arranged marriages  -find me a girl!

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