Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well, they don't celebrate Halloween in India. They have enough festivals! And some scary ones, too! My human grandma and grandpa already called me this morning to wish me a happy Halloween even though it isn't Halloween there yet. It is here! For some reason our day is their night. Weird. They thought of me when they went to the local Halloween Parade and there were dressed up wienie dogs like me! Lady dressed me in orange but praise the Lord she didn't make me wear a mask!
So here's my Halloween photo for this year:

I've just gotten back from taking Lady for a walk and I'm tired. My hind legs aren't working right. They wouldn't support me while I took care of business. I promise I haven't been drinking any funny stuff! It only looks that way. Guess it's time for the vet again.
Anyway, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday. Here are some photos from past embarrassments of dressing up:


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  1. well, marley
    around my house we say happy hallo-weenie! our three dachshund girls send you a wet nose greeting.