Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visit to the Vet Hospital

Uncle took Lady and me to the government veterinary hospital today. The vet watched me walk and felt my spine. He sent me to another room downstairs where I had to lie ON MY BACK on something very hard. Lady and another uncle had to hole me. Lady said I was  very good boy -I didn't wiggle or cry while a machine took a picture of my back. I had to lie on my side for another picture, but that wasn't as hard as being on my back. I didn't cry and I didn't move. I had to wait in Lady's lap for the pictures to dry. The vet looked at what the vet in Delhi said was my problem -something with my disks. But the pictures showed that I didn't have that condition the other vet thought I did. I need an MRI, whatever that is, to correctly diagnose my problem. Guess what? No doggie MRI's in India. This vet said he thinks I have a bulging disk that is causing the nerve problems I am having. He watched me walk like a drunk, and lose control of my hind legs -especially the right one. He gave me two shots. I didn't bite and I didn't cry. I was a very good boy. I have to have more shots every other day. The vet lives near us so he said he'd come by and give it to me. That's nice.
I don't know anything about America, but Lady said it would have cost tons more there. It cost $0.45 to see the vet, and $1.81 for my injections and the syringes. The pictures didn't cost us anything. We had to pay lots and lots more in Delhi, but that was a private doctor. This is a government hospital. And, thanks to Uncle, we had a free ride. I do like to go for a ride. The medicine I take, Carophren, that helps me the most is imported, and not available here. Lady has to get me some more in New Delhi. She gives me half at bedtime, so I am not so sore when I wake up, and i get half when I wake up before I take Lady for a walk.
We watched a funny movie tonight, but I fell asleep. It was called The Ugly Dachshund. Lady laughed. The doxies in that movie were very naughty! Lady feels so sorry for me that she brought me some chicken chow mein last night. I am Chinese, you know. Well, time to get back under the heating pad for a bit.


  1. As a human with a bad back, I can totally relate. Hope you feel better, Marley! And your back problems have helped convince me and my wife to start discouraging our dachshund (Casanova Frankenstein - "Frankie" for short) from jumping and leaping.

  2. Marley what a nice orange shirt very festive We cannot wait to see you!