Thursday, October 21, 2010


The vet came after 7:00 pm last night and watched me walk. I am doing much better. Lady and I got in the front seat and she held me tight. Uh oh. I know what's coming, and it isn't a car ride! He shot me in the butt and it HURT! I cried and tried to get lose. Then, he had me walk again and watched me in the car lights. I have to have another shot on Saturday, then again on Monday.
I'm not the one in need of a doctor in our house right now. Lady's sick. She's miserable. SHe has a bad throat, and coughed all night again. I slept through it though, but she woke me up this morning. Gerry had to take me out because Lady is still in her pjs. The other human ladies are supposed to come today for a Story and learn how to make banana pudding, but Lady had to cancel. Her teeth hurt. She sounds terrible -not like my Lady at all. So, I'll be taking care of her today. She's staying in. Sure hope she feels better before her trip on Saturday!

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